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Slide Stars PS4

Slide Stars

Slide Stars is the first water racing platform adventure in which you can play with 20+ of the world’s biggest international social media stars.
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Triangle Studios BV
Publisher: Lion Castle Entertainment
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  • 32 Trophy bronze icon
  • 6 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Slide Superstar
Adjustment pixel Slide Superstar: Collect all trophies
Dancing by the pool!
Adjustment pixel Dancing by the pool!: Finish a race with Luciano Spinelli on the Slice of Watermelon
Fun in the sun!
Adjustment pixel Fun in the sun!: Finish a race with Sveta Bilyalova on the Strawberry
Enjoy the rides!
Adjustment pixel Enjoy the rides!: Finish a race with Amusement Force Greg on the Tractor Tire
Co-slider joy rider!
Adjustment pixel Co-slider joy rider!: Finish a race with Amusement Force Kes on the Baby Turtle
Cosplayer to the rescue!
Adjustment pixel Cosplayer to the rescue!: Finish a race with Enji Night on the Chinese Ghost Dragon
Slide and get down!
Adjustment pixel Slide and get down!: Finish a race with Enya Wandres on the Mercenary Raft
Be kind, be humble, be-kini!
Adjustment pixel Be kind, be humble, be-kini!: Finish a race with Kat Wonders on the Flamingo
Beach buddies!
Adjustment pixel Beach buddies!: Finish a race with Veronica Bielik on the Baby Pig
Fast and on fire!
Adjustment pixel Fast and on fire!: Finish a race with Ben Azelart on the Firework
Equally graceful!
Adjustment pixel Equally graceful!: Finish a race with Lexi Rivera on the Unicorn
Get stoked!
Adjustment pixel Get stoked!: Finish a race with Alan Stokes on the Seahorse
Stoked up!
Adjustment pixel Stoked up!: Finish a race with Alex Stokes on the Llama
Game on!
Adjustment pixel Game on!: Finish a race with Milan Knol on the Hydro Jet Mech
Red hot!
Adjustment pixel Red hot!: Finish a race with ApoRed on the Hot Sauce Bottle
Best friends!
Adjustment pixel Best friends!: Finish a race with Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk on the Live shark
Is there a doctor in the house?
Adjustment pixel Is there a doctor in the house?: Finish a race with Doctor Mike on the Log
Perfect Day!
Adjustment pixel Perfect Day!: Finish a race with Jeff Seid on the Dumbell
Professional weirdo!
Adjustment pixel Professional weirdo!: Finish a race with Holly H on the Rubber Duck
Disco Classics!
Adjustment pixel Disco Classics!: Finish a race with Demi Rose Mawby on the Banana Boat
Challenge accepted!
Adjustment pixel Challenge accepted!: Finish a race with Brent Rivera on the Coin
So shiny!
Adjustment pixel So shiny!: Collect your first star
Adjustment pixel Perfection!: Collect 10 medals
All stars!
Adjustment pixel All stars!: Collect all stars
Never gonna give you up!
Adjustment pixel Never gonna give you up!: Respawn 30 times
Don't taunt the dynamite monkey!
Adjustment pixel Don't taunt the dynamite monkey!: The monkey got to you ten times
Do not feed!
Adjustment pixel Do not feed!: The crocodile got to you ten times!
Chickened out!
Adjustment pixel Chickened out!: The chicken got to you ten times!
Adjustment pixel Swamped!: Unlock the American swamp
Unleash the krakens!
Adjustment pixel Unleash the krakens!: Complete both Kraken levels
Race the fun!
Adjustment pixel Race the fun!: Complete 100 races
1st world problems!
Adjustment pixel 1st world problems!: Collect all stars and medals of the Jungle
Welcome to my swamp!
Adjustment pixel Welcome to my swamp!: Collect all stars and medals of the American Swamp
Nothing to hide!
Adjustment pixel Nothing to hide!: Find all hidden finishes
No time to waste!
Adjustment pixel No time to waste!: Collect all time medals
Failure is not an option!
Adjustment pixel Failure is not an option!: Collect all perfect medals
Need. more. likes!
Adjustment pixel Need. more. likes!: Collect all likes medals
Adjustment pixel Cocktail!: Collect 50 fruits
Adjustment pixel Biographer!: Check out all bio's
Adjustment pixel Attraction!: Trigger all eight affinities once
Multiplier hit!
Adjustment pixel Multiplier hit!: Get a 10x likes multiplier
Adjustment pixel Fashionista!: Unlock all outfits
Ride with style!
Adjustment pixel Ride with style!: Unlock all ride specials