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Marvel\'s Spider-Man PS4

Marvel's Spider-Man

The Marvel Games team is determined to deliver authentic Marvel experiences filled with our magic mix of action, drama, humor, romance, social relevance, and jaw-dropping awesomeness.
  • US September 7, 2018
  • EU September 7, 2018
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 54 Trophy bronze icon
  • 14 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Be Greater
Adjustment pixel Be Greater: Collect all Trophies
Superior Spider-Man
Adjustment pixel Superior Spider-Man: Unlock all Skills
I Heart Manhattan
Adjustment pixel I Heart Manhattan: 100% complete all districts
Master of Masters
Adjustment pixel Master of Masters: Defeat Taskmaster
Adjustment pixel Backpacker: Collect all Backpacks
Cat Prints
Adjustment pixel Cat Prints: Track down Black Cat
Inner Sanctuary
Adjustment pixel Inner Sanctuary: Take down each Demon Warehouse
All the King's Men
Adjustment pixel All the King's Men: Take down each Fisk Hideout
Mercenary Tactics
Adjustment pixel Mercenary Tactics: Take down each Sable Outpost
Back in the Slammer
Adjustment pixel Back in the Slammer: Take down each Prisoner Camp
Neighborhood Watch
Adjustment pixel Neighborhood Watch: Complete all Faction Crimes in a district
A Suit For All Seasons
Adjustment pixel A Suit For All Seasons: Purchase all Suits
Adjustment pixel Schooled: Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions
Amazing Coverage
Adjustment pixel Amazing Coverage: All Surveillance Towers activated
Short Fuse
Adjustment pixel Short Fuse: Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge
Fists of Fury
Adjustment pixel Fists of Fury: Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Combat Challenge
Adjustment pixel Ninja: Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Stealth Challenge
Spy Hunter
Adjustment pixel Spy Hunter: Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Drone Challenge
Challenge Finder
Adjustment pixel Challenge Finder: Complete every Taskmaster Challenge in the city once
Adjustment pixel R&D: Complete all Research Stations
Demons Emerge
Adjustment pixel Demons Emerge: Complete Act 1
The Six Assemble
Adjustment pixel The Six Assemble: Complete Act 2
End Game
Adjustment pixel End Game: Complete Act 3
Science FTW!
Adjustment pixel Science FTW!: Craft 15 Upgrades
Knocking Down Kingpin
Adjustment pixel Knocking Down Kingpin: Defeat Fisk
Staying Positive
Adjustment pixel Staying Positive: Defeat Li
Adjustment pixel Grounded: Defeat Electro and Vulture
Sting and Smash
Adjustment pixel Sting and Smash: Defeat Scorpion and Rhino
Tombstone Takedown
Adjustment pixel Tombstone Takedown: Defeat Tombstone
Shock and Awe
Adjustment pixel Shock and Awe: Defeat Shocker
Wing It
Adjustment pixel Wing It: Traverse across the city rooftops
King of Swing
Adjustment pixel King of Swing: Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark
And Stay Down!
Adjustment pixel And Stay Down!: Complete a level 1 Combat Benchmark
Pigeon Hunter
Adjustment pixel Pigeon Hunter: Catch all of Howard's Pigeons
Hug It Out
Adjustment pixel Hug It Out: Knock together 10 pairs of enemies with Trip Mines
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Adjustment pixel Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Complete all Side Missions
The Scientific Method
Adjustment pixel The Scientific Method: Craft your first Upgrade
Adjustment pixel Spider-Sensible: Perfect Dodge 10 attacks
Adjustment pixel Overdrive: Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns
With Great Power...
Adjustment pixel With Great Power...: Pay respects at Ben Parker's grave
Hero for Higher
Adjustment pixel Hero for Higher: Perch atop Avengers Tower
Adjustment pixel Sightseeing: Photograph all Landmarks on the Map
Born to Ride
Adjustment pixel Born to Ride: Ride the Subway 5 times
Sticky and Tricky
Adjustment pixel Sticky and Tricky: Chain 4 unique tricks before landing
Snappy Dresser
Adjustment pixel Snappy Dresser: Wear 5 new Spider-Suits
Adjustment pixel Arachnophobia: Perform 75 Stealth Takedowns
Lost and Found
Adjustment pixel Lost and Found: Collect 5 Backpacks
Spider-Man About Town
Adjustment pixel Spider-Man About Town: Greet 10 citizens
Cat's Out of the Bag
Adjustment pixel Cat's Out of the Bag: Collect a Black Cat collectible
A Bit of a Fixer-Upper
Adjustment pixel A Bit of a Fixer-Upper: Complete all optional projects in the lab
Ace the Base
Adjustment pixel Ace the Base: Complete all objectives in a base
New Game+
One More Time
Adjustment pixel One More Time: Complete a New Game+ playthrough
Power and Responsibility
Adjustment pixel Power and Responsibility: Complete a playthrough on Ultimate difficulty
CTNS: The Heist
Seduced by the City
Adjustment pixel Seduced by the City: 100% Complete CTNS: The Heist
Adjustment pixel Screwy: Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
The Cat Came Back
Adjustment pixel The Cat Came Back: Complete "The Maria" mission
Here Kitty-Kitty
Adjustment pixel Here Kitty-Kitty: Complete the Black Cat chase
Bye Felicia
Adjustment pixel Bye Felicia: Complete the "Follow the Money" mission
The Long Con
Adjustment pixel The Long Con: Complete the "Like a Fiddle" mission
Disorganized Crime
Adjustment pixel Disorganized Crime: Complete all Crimes in a district
CTNS: Turf Wars
The City is My Family
Adjustment pixel The City is My Family: 100% complete CTNS: Turf Wars
Turning the Screw
Adjustment pixel Turning the Screw: Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
Pulling the Trigger
Adjustment pixel Pulling the Trigger: Complete the "Blindsided" mission
Crossing the Thin Blue Line
Adjustment pixel Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Complete the "Lockup" mission
Steel Skull, Glass Jaw
Adjustment pixel Steel Skull, Glass Jaw: Complete the "Bring the Hammer Down" mission
Adjustment pixel Prohibition: Take down each Hammerhead Front
The Gang War
Adjustment pixel The Gang War: Complete all Crimes in a district
CTNS: Silver Lining
The City Sleeps
Adjustment pixel The City Sleeps: 100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining
Adjustment pixel Screwballed: Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
Adjustment pixel Frenemies: Complete the "Old Friends" mission
Adjustment pixel Unplugged: Complete the Screwball chase
Adjustment pixel Terminated: Complete the "One Plus One Equals Win" mission
The Wages of War
Adjustment pixel The Wages of War: Complete the "Aiding a Human" mission
Adjustment pixel Unacceptable: Complete the "Scales of Justice" mission
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