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Stereo Aereo PS4

Stereo Aereo

Stereo Aereo is a crazy musical journey through space. Use your cat-like reflexes or get into the groove and use your sense of rhythm while crossing a comic book style sci-fi universe inspired by the pop-culture influences of the 80's.
  • US October 10, 2017
  • EU October 10, 2017
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: The Stonebot Studio
Publisher: Indietopia Games
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  • 14 Trophy bronze icon
  • 11 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Top Chart
Adjustment pixel Top Chart: Obtained all other trophies.
Videogame Teacher
Adjustment pixel Videogame Teacher: Complete the tutorial.
In the name of music
Adjustment pixel In the name of music: Complete level 1, Midnight Chase, without taking any damage.
Adjustment pixel Wanted: Complete level 2, Police Sunglasses, without taking any damage.
Wear that belt
Adjustment pixel Wear that belt: Complete level 3, Asteroid Highway, without taking any damage.
Are we there yet?
Adjustment pixel Are we there yet?: Complete level 4, Creeping Sun, without taking any damage.
Dead or alive
Adjustment pixel Dead or alive: Complete level 5, Junkyard Paradise, without taking any damage.
Long live the queen
Adjustment pixel Long live the queen: Complete level 6, Queen's Domain, without taking any damage.
Adjustment pixel Equalizer: Complete level 7, Full metal frame, without taking any damage.
The man in black
Adjustment pixel The man in black: Complete level 8, Escape from man in black, without taking any damage.
Adjustment pixel Synthetizer: Complete level 9, Liquid Metal, without taking any damage.
Ice cream rocks!
Adjustment pixel Ice cream rocks!: Complete level 10, The Concert, without taking any damage.
Amateur Band
Adjustment pixel Amateur Band: Finished the story mode in any difficulty.
Aces of space
Adjustment pixel Aces of space: Finished the story mode with 3 characters.
You crazy cat
Adjustment pixel You crazy cat: Finished the story mode in insane difficulty.
Space rockstar
Adjustment pixel Space rockstar: Finished the story mode with an unlocked ship.
Crazy citizen
Adjustment pixel Crazy citizen: Shoot a car.
Something to tell your grandchildren
Adjustment pixel Something to tell your grandchildren: Get hit by 3 giant asteroids and live to tell the story.
Adjustment pixel Amigo: Allow all robo-mobsters to live.
Adjustment pixel Retaliate: Return 80 bombs to the queen.
Adjustment pixel Virtuoso: Complete level 7, Full metal frame, without shooting and without taking any damage.
Turbo controller
Adjustment pixel Turbo controller: Shoot at the warden a crazy amount of times.
Wombo combo!
Adjustment pixel Wombo combo!: Get a x100 combo
Play by Ear
Adjustment pixel Play by Ear: Get Perfect 5x in a single combo.
Starting on the Right Note
Adjustment pixel Starting on the Right Note: Get Perfect 10x in a single combo.
Donde pone el ojo pone la bala
Adjustment pixel Donde pone el ojo pone la bala: Get Perfect 15x in a single combo.
Music to my Ears
Adjustment pixel Music to my Ears: Get Perfect 15x on every Level
Close Shave
Adjustment pixel Close Shave: Get Crazy Dodges 5x in a single combo.
Dice with Death
Adjustment pixel Dice with Death: Get Crazy Dodges 10x in a single combo.
Adjustment pixel Daredevil: Get Crazy Dodges 15x in a single combo.
Knocking on Heaven's Gate
Adjustment pixel Knocking on Heaven's Gate: Get Crazy Dodges 15x in every level.