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Super Robot Wars V Vita Vita

Super Robot Wars V Vita

As part of Super Robot Wars's 25th Anniversary, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the Super Robot Wars V game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita with English subtitle.
  • US N/A
  • EU N/A
  • JP February 23, 2017
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: B.B. Studio
Publisher: Bandai-Namco
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  • 20 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel Victorious: Obtain all Trophies.
Overseer of the two stories
Adjustment pixel Overseer of the two stories: Achieve the ending of both the male and female protagonists.
Emblem Collector
Adjustment pixel Emblem Collector: Collect all five Emblems.
Factory Master
Adjustment pixel Factory Master: Purchase all power parts (excluding Recommended Items) from the Factory and increase TAC Customization to Grade 4.
SR Point Hoarder
Adjustment pixel SR Point Hoarder: Obtain 51 SR points. (SR points can only be collected in Standard Mode.)
War is Over
Adjustment pixel War is Over: Complete the Game.
Pilot Trainer
Adjustment pixel Pilot Trainer: Turn 30 or more pilots into Ace Pilots.
Adjustment pixel Tuner: Earn a Custom Bonus for 30 or more robots.
Once in a Lifetime
Adjustment pixel Once in a Lifetime: Deal 50,000 damage to a single enemy in one battle.
Within an Inch
Adjustment pixel Within an Inch: Reduce an enemy's HP to a single digit during battle.
Top Gun
Adjustment pixel Top Gun: Turn any pilot into a Great Ace.
Five in a Row
Adjustment pixel Five in a Row: Complete a Multi-Action four times in one turn with any unit. (Controlling other units in between is OK.)
Peak Production
Adjustment pixel Peak Production: Unlock all of the power parts (excluding Recommended Items) in the Factory.
Skill Collector
Adjustment pixel Skill Collector: Create 30 or more types of Skill Programs.
Skill Master
Adjustment pixel Skill Master: Acquire 20 or more special skills for any pilot.
The Long Road to Peace
Adjustment pixel The Long Road to Peace: Complete Chapter 1.
Ace Pilot
Adjustment pixel Ace Pilot: Turn any pilot into an Ace Pilot.
Custom Bonus
Adjustment pixel Custom Bonus: Acquire a Custom Bonus for any robot.
Break Time
Adjustment pixel Break Time: View a break time message.
Battlefield Souvenir
Adjustment pixel Battlefield Souvenir: Acquire one Emblem.
Mental Fortitude
Adjustment pixel Mental Fortitude: With an ally unit sortied in a map, collect all the spirit commands listed in the overall command Search.
One Pilot Army
Adjustment pixel One Pilot Army: Destroy 10 or more enemy units in a single stage with any ally pilot.
Full Count
Adjustment pixel Full Count: Max out any pilot's ExC.
Nine Thanks You
Adjustment pixel Nine Thanks You: Buy any power parts (excluding Recommended Parts) from the Factory.
Sky's The Limit
Adjustment pixel Sky's The Limit: Turn any female pilot into an Ace Pilot.
Unsung Hero
Adjustment pixel Unsung Hero: Perform four support attacks in one turn with any ally pilot.
Top-Secret Mission
Adjustment pixel Top-Secret Mission: Complete a secret scenario.
Routing the Enemy
Adjustment pixel Routing the Enemy: Turn any enemy pilot's Focus to 50.
The Little Giant That Could
Adjustment pixel The Little Giant That Could: Destroy an 1L size or larger enemy unit with an S size or smaller ally unit.
Skill Production
Adjustment pixel Skill Production: Develop any Skill Program.
My First Skill Program
Adjustment pixel My First Skill Program: Teach any pilot a Skill Program.
Factory Scenario
Adjustment pixel Factory Scenario: Look at the Factory Scenarios.
Fiery Spirit
Adjustment pixel Fiery Spirit: Use spirit commands Valor and Soul simultaneously with any pilot.
Adjustment pixel Counterpunches: Return attack with a Counterattack weapon five or more times in one stage.
Not Done Yet
Adjustment pixel Not Done Yet: Activate two simultaneous Extra Actions with any pilot.
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