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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization PS4

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

This is the beginning of a new adventure for Kirito and his friends.
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Bandai-Namco and published by Bandai-Namco.
  • US N/A
  • EU November 8, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Trophy Collection
Trophy Collection: Collect all trophies.
Weiss the Kobold Lord
Weiss the Kobold Lord: Complete Rustoria Plains.
Grimm the Provident
Grimm the Provident: Complete the Oldrobe Forest.
Summum, Servant of Fate
Summum, Servant of Fate: Complete the Jeweled Peak Lakes.
Abyss the Legate
Abyss the Legate: Complete the Kurjiez Desert.
Not My Black Swordsman
Not My Black Swordsman: Defeat Genesis in the Temple of Prayers.
Not On My Watch!
Not On My Watch!: Defeat Tia in Aincrad.
Forever Young
Forever Young: Complete Asuna, Yuuki, and Strea's quests.
We Appreciate Your Patronage!
We Appreciate Your Patronage!: Complete Liz and Silica's quests.
Always In Your Corner
Always In Your Corner: Complete Leafa and Philia's quests.
Thank You, Mr. Woofles
Thank You, Mr. Woofles: Complete Yui and Argo's quests.
Friends Who Care
Friends Who Care: Complete Sinon's quests.
A Sword Sought Together
A Sword Sought Together: Complete the Emperor's Sword quests.
Walking the Same Paths
Walking the Same Paths: Complete Kizmel's quests.
Hard Work Pays Off
Hard Work Pays Off: Have over 10,000 levels divided among all skills.
Skill Master
Skill Master: Learn 200 skills.
The Ultimate Swordsman
The Ultimate Swordsman: Reach level 50 with Kirito.
Blademaster: Max out a sword skill mastery.
A New Legend
A New Legend: Complete a 10-hit combo with an OSS.
Twin Stars
Twin Stars: Learn the extra skill "Celestial Blades."
Thorn of Illusions
Thorn of Illusions: Learn the extra skill "Thorn of Illusions."
Soaring Slash
Soaring Slash: Learn the extra skill "Soaring Slash."
Blade of the Damned
Blade of the Damned: Learn the extra skill "Blade of the Damned."
Righteous Cross
Righteous Cross: Learn the extra skill "Righteous Cross."
Fanged Guardian
Fanged Guardian: Learn the extra skill "Fanged Guardian."
Warmonger: Learn the extra skill "Warmonger."
Assassin's Blade
Assassin's Blade: Learn the extra skill "Assassin's Blade."
Rejuvenating Touch
Rejuvenating Touch: Learn the extra skill "Rejuvenating Touch."
Together Forever
Together Forever: Reach maximum affinity with Asuna.
The Beast Tamer
The Beast Tamer: Reach maximum affinity with Silica.
The Master Macer
The Master Macer: Reach maximum affinity with Lisbeth.
Little Sis
Little Sis: Reach maximum affinity with Leafa.
Ice Cold Sniper
Ice Cold Sniper: Reach maximum affinity with Sinon.
Darling Daughter
Darling Daughter: Reach maximum affinity with Yui.
Life of the Party
Life of the Party: Reach maximum affinity with Strea.
The Treasure Hunter
The Treasure Hunter: Reach maximum affinity with Philia.
Pure Goddess
Pure Goddess: Reach maximum affinity with Premiere.
Trust the Rat
Trust the Rat: Reach maximum affinity with Argo.
Sincere Swordswoman
Sincere Swordswoman: Reach maximum affinity with Yuuki.
Attack of the Elves
Attack of the Elves: Reach maximum affinity with Kizmel.
Hot-Blooded Partner
Hot-Blooded Partner: Reach maximum affinity with Klein.
Got Your Back
Got Your Back: Reach maximum affinity with Agil.
Daddy's a Player
Daddy's a Player: Reach maximum affinity with all heroines.
Reminiscence: Complete the gallery.
Looking for Group
Looking for Group: Have 100 friends with friendship level "Friendly".
Polished to a Fine Edge
Polished to a Fine Edge: Reach maximum enhancement with a weapon.
Legendary Weapon
Legendary Weapon: Find a legendary item.
Last Attack Hunter
Last Attack Hunter: Obtain all last attack bonuses.
Money Over Power
Money Over Power: Have over 1,000,000 col.
We're In This Together!
We're In This Together!: Defeat 100 Named Monsters in multiplayer.
Ainground Resident
Ainground Resident: Beat the game with over 100 hours of playtime.
Not a Death Game
Not a Death Game: Get wiped out and respawn at the Teleport Gate Plaza.
I'll Protect You!
I'll Protect You!: Help a party member in need.