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Sword of Elpisia PS5

Sword of Elpisia

A fantasy RPG about a girl turned into a magic sword and its price
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Exe Create
Publisher: Kemco
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Well Done, Brother
Adjustment pixel Well Done, Brother: Obtained all the trophies.
A Magitool Repairman
Adjustment pixel A Magitool Repairman: Watched the opening.
The Journey Begins
Adjustment pixel The Journey Begins: A journey in search of a house for welfare begins.
Searching for a House
Adjustment pixel Searching for a House: The girl with herculean strength joined the party.
Temporary Guild Members
Adjustment pixel Temporary Guild Members: All allies joined the party.
Magisword Girl
Adjustment pixel Magisword Girl: Became a Magisword to overcome the crisis.
Adjustment pixel Elpisia: Aimed for Elpisia to return to normal.
Alliance with Prometheus
Adjustment pixel Alliance with Prometheus: Made an alliance to strengthen the Magisword.
The Truth over the Magiswords
Adjustment pixel The Truth over the Magiswords: Mainbelt's real objective has become clear.
The City of Magic
Adjustment pixel The City of Magic: Obtained the ship.
The End of War
Adjustment pixel The End of War: The battle with the Nereid Dominion ended and focused on strengthening the Magisword.
Flying Ship
Adjustment pixel Flying Ship: Obtained The Thunderer.
Last Judgement
Adjustment pixel Last Judgement: Tournoire has appeared.
Satellite Luna
Adjustment pixel Satellite Luna: Reached the base Valkanoid.
Final Battle
Adjustment pixel Final Battle: Elpisia has completed.
With the Magisword
Adjustment pixel With the Magisword: Watched the ending.
Walking Steps
Adjustment pixel Walking Steps: Walked 5,000 steps.
Exploring Steps
Adjustment pixel Exploring Steps: Walked 25,000 steps.
Adventure Steps
Adjustment pixel Adventure Steps: Walked 50,000 steps.
Treasure Beginner
Adjustment pixel Treasure Beginner: Collected 50 treasure chests.
Treasure Collector
Adjustment pixel Treasure Collector: Collected 100 treasure chests.
Treasure Meister
Adjustment pixel Treasure Meister: Collected 200 treasure chests.
Brave Hunter
Adjustment pixel Brave Hunter: Defeated 100 enemies.
Strongest Hunter
Adjustment pixel Strongest Hunter: Defeated 500 enemies.
Invincible Hunter
Adjustment pixel Invincible Hunter: Defeated 1,500 enemies.
Synthetic Amateur
Adjustment pixel Synthetic Amateur: Synthesized equipment 20 times.
Synthetic Craftsman
Adjustment pixel Synthetic Craftsman: Synthesized equipment 40 times.
Synthetic Master
Adjustment pixel Synthetic Master: Synthesized equipment 100 times.
Deals Done
Adjustment pixel Deals Done: Cleared all subquests.
Knight Title
Adjustment pixel Knight Title: Cleared the Knight Cup at the arena.
Queen's Elegance
Adjustment pixel Queen's Elegance: Cleared the Queen Cup at the arena.
Dynast Dignity
Adjustment pixel Dynast Dignity: Cleared the King Cup at the arena.
Enah's Friend
Adjustment pixel Enah's Friend: Cleared the Enah Cup at the arena.
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