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Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown PS4

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

Determine the fate of a party of Scoundrels in Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, the first RPG to bring tabletop gaming to life in glorious PS VR
Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is a PlayStation VR, Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Tin Man Games and published by Tin Man Games.
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A Table of Tales
A Table of Tales: Completed All Trophies
Sinking Hammer
Sinking Hammer: Throw Hammer overboard
Damp Sorcery
Damp Sorcery: Throw Nuna overboard
Horatio No-Lives
Horatio No-Lives: Throw Horatio overboard
Watered Down Potion
Watered Down Potion: Throw Thomas overboard
Independent Scoundrels
Independent Scoundrels: Defeat the Orcs without Starling's help
Faster than Lightning
Faster than Lightning: Almost capture the strange Assassin
High Profile
High Profile: Take the Sunfish ship
Low Key
Low Key: Take the Sawtooth ship
The Shadows Hide
The Shadows Hide: Get into the Temple without being seen
Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter: Save the Emerald Post from burning down
Dodge This!
Dodge This!: Take out the Hidden Harbour's sniper.
Goblark Scourge
Goblark Scourge: Save ALL the Villagers of Tidewreath from the Goblarks
Light Flickers
Light Flickers: Ensure Bestoja does not fall to the Shadows
Wrench in the Machine
Wrench in the Machine: Disable the Rorqual and get away.
Not Quick Enough...
Not Quick Enough...: Hand Quick over to the Crown Authorities
Zainab's Return
Zainab's Return: Ensure Zainab survives and returns to her village.
The Shadows Consume
The Shadows Consume: The island of Bestoja is destroyed by the Thing Outside
The Missing Rorqual
The Missing Rorqual: Let the strange coral overrun the Rorqual
The Quick and The Dead
The Quick and The Dead: Leave Quick to die on Diamond Island.
Zainab's Sacrifice
Zainab's Sacrifice: Zainab is killed fighting Orcs on the ocean floor
Shut the Door
Shut the Door: Close the temple's summit portal to the Thing Outside
Beardbiter's Fury
Beardbiter's Fury: Get Captain Harrow's Axe from Fort Raspe
The Weevil Squirms
The Weevil Squirms: Get the information from Weevil without "accidentally" killing him
Zainab's Compassion
Zainab's Compassion: Zainab unchains Horatio in their final fight with the Orcs.
The Governator
The Governator: Defeat the Hammer and her strange Cyclops form.
One Must Remain
One Must Remain: Defeat Nuna within the Thing Outside's dimension
Crab Chowder
Crab Chowder: Defeat Horatio and the giant crab he summoned.
Mad Science
Mad Science: Defeat Thomas and his strange coral clones.
Hammer's Sacrifice
Hammer's Sacrifice: Have Hammer save the day
Nuna's Sacrifice
Nuna's Sacrifice: Have Nuna save the day
Horatio's Sacrifice
Horatio's Sacrifice: Have Horatio save the day
Thomas' Sacrifice
Thomas' Sacrifice: Have Thomas save the day