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The Book of Regrets PS4

The Book of Regrets

Escape dangerous dungeons, befriend or kill enigmatic creatures, and solve puzzles as you explore a mysterious world. Your decisions directly impact the story in various ways.
The Book of Regrets is a Adventure, Horror-game for the   developed by Synodic Arc and published by Synodic Arc.
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Progression: 41 of 41
Platinum: Thanks for playing!
Earned Sun Jan 6 11:24:55 2019
Dire Escape
Dire Escape: Escape the Torture Chamber
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:53:37 2019
Murder: Be killed by the Butcher in the Torture Chamber
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:47:37 2019
Churchgoer: Reach the Church
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:54:44 2019
Stairmaster: Enter the Attic
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:56:15 2019
Master of Unlocking
Master of Unlocking: Gain entrance to the Labyrinth
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:14:49 2019
Codebreaker: Open the Furnace
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:04:04 2019
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter: Unlock the door to the end
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:24:51 2019
A King's Tale
A King's Tale: Read about an old hero turned corrupt
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:57:05 2019
Mysterious Savior
Mysterious Savior: Glimpse into a couple's past
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:57:28 2019
Art Aficionado
Art Aficionado: Solve an artsy puzzle
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:36:54 2019
Close Call
Close Call: Escape the Labyrinth with an item
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:00:30 2019
1337 skillz
1337 skillz: Obtain both items in the Labyrinth in one playthrough
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:00:31 2019
Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light: Obtain the Lantern
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:58:24 2019
Cranky: Obtain the Map
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:08:09 2019
Record Keeper
Record Keeper: Play for a total of two hours
Earned Sun Jan 6 11:24:55 2019
A True Monster
A True Monster: Collect all journal entries
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:46:10 2019
World Traveler
World Traveler: Visit all areas across multiple playthroughs
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:23:31 2019
Efficient: Defeat all possible enemies in one playthrough
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:27:12 2019
Speedrunner: Complete the game in record time
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:25:31 2019
Compulsive: Obtain all items across multiple playthroughs
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:48:32 2019
That wasn't right!
That wasn't right!: Follow the air at the beginning and head left
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:48:17 2019
Question Marks
Question Marks: Find the Hidden Room
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:37:14 2019
Burn, Baby, Burn!
Burn, Baby, Burn!: Defeat the Monster by luring it into the fire
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:43:30 2019
Explosive Effects
Explosive Effects: Defeat the Monster by exploding hazardous materials
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:07:27 2019
I. HATE. SPIDERS!: Kill the Spider Queen
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:09:29 2019
BRT: Reach the Fields with the fewest number of area changes
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:46:31 2019
Health Nut
Health Nut: Finish the game having reached the Fields with max health
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:27:18 2019
I Eat Butchers For Breakfast
I Eat Butchers For Breakfast: Defeat the Butcher
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:53:20 2019
Shining Bright
Shining Bright: Fulfill the Cloaked Man's request
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:01:51 2019
Strong Willed
Strong Willed: Persevere through the Demon's illusions
Earned Sun Jan 6 08:59:26 2019
Peacemaker: Resolve the confrontation with the Spider Queen peacefully
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:46:18 2019
Purification Complete
Purification Complete: Purify the Child
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:50:07 2019
What a QTE
What a QTE: Take no damage and defeat the Monster
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:07:28 2019
Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat
Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat: Reject the Angel of Death's quiz
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:14:13 2019
Heroic: Best the Angel of Death using a fully powered weapon
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:11:20 2019
The Book of Regrets
The Book of Regrets: Survive with the Book of Regrets
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:27:19 2019
The Staff of Confidence
The Staff of Confidence: Survive with the Staff of Confidence
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:11:38 2019
Labyrinth of Eternity
Labyrinth of Eternity: Get lost in the Labyrinth
Earned Sun Jan 6 09:23:21 2019
True Pacifist
True Pacifist: Make peace in the world
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:43:50 2019
Unbeliever: Survive against all odds
Earned Sun Jan 6 10:25:38 2019