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The Castle Game PS4

The Castle Game

Build impenetrable fortresses and elaborate mazes with hidden traps, backed up by archers with flamed arrows, armoured knights, and long-ranged catapults. Control the flow of battle and cast powerful spells to defeat the Dark Lord's army.
The Castle Game is a Strategy-game for the   developed by Neptune Interactive and published by Neptune Interactive.
  • US August 4, 2015
  • EU N/A
  • JP N/A
  • 21
  • 4
  • 1
Progression: 0 of 26
King's Token
King's Token: Acquire all other trophies in the Castle Game.
Tough Market
Tough Market: Win a Campaign level without selling any structure.
Solid Foundation
Solid Foundation: Win a Campaign level without losing a structure.
I Got This
I Got This: Win a Campaign level without using Reinforcements.
Clear Skies
Clear Skies: Win a Campaign level after level 3 without using Lightning.
Low Upkeep
Low Upkeep: Win a Campaign level without repairing.
Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory: Win a Campaign level with perfect Keep health.
Can't Touch This
Can't Touch This: Beat a wave without any structure taking damage on Hard.
The Porcupine Defense
The Porcupine Defense: Kill 300 enemies with Spike Traps.
Demolition Crew
Demolition Crew: Blow up 300 enemies with Bomb Barrels.
Juggling Act
Juggling Act: Teleport 200 enemies.
Crystal Hot Stuntaz
Crystal Hot Stuntaz: Stun 200 enemies.
Little Zeus
Little Zeus: Kill 12 enemies with a single Lightning blast.
Trick Shot
Trick Shot: Kill 15 flying enemies with a single Phoenix call.
Secured Credit
Secured Credit: Save 200 miners.
Penny Pincher
Penny Pincher: Save all miners in any miner rescue level.
Them Pitchforks
Them Pitchforks: Get 500 kills through Reinforcements.
Crushed Peppers
Crushed Peppers: Have 200 fiery Catapult kills using Chaos spell.
Fireproofed: Burn 200 enemies with Fire Walls.
Return On Investment
Return On Investment: Return 10000 damage with Spiked Walls.
Master of Defense
Master of Defense: Last 8 minutes on Sandbox in any level.
Art of Defense
Art of Defense: Last 12 minutes on Sandbox in any level.
Master of Survival
Master of Survival: Last 8 waves on Survival in any level.
Art of Survival
Art of Survival: Last 12 waves on Survival in any level.
Defender of the Realm
Defender of the Realm: Complete all Campaign levels in Normal difficulty.
Guardian of the Realm
Guardian of the Realm: Complete all Campaign levels in Hard difficulty.
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