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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing PS4

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Van Helsing: Final Cut is a newly streamlined compilation of all three gothic-noir steampunk action-RPGs influenced by Bram Stoker’s Dracula with a massive new endgame that adds deep replayability, the six new classes introduced in Van Helsing III, and, of course, the ghostly witticisms of Lady Katarina.
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a Action-game for the   developed by NeocoreGames and published by NeocoreGames.
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Progression: 41 of 41
The Incredible Monster Hunter
The Incredible Monster Hunter: Unlock all trophies.
Earned Fri Aug 10 23:54:55 2018
Manservant: Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina.
Earned Sun Aug 5 14:39:09 2018
Worm Slayer
Worm Slayer: Fight your way trough the Orichalcum Mines and defeat the Drill Worm.
Earned Mon Aug 6 12:58:17 2018
Coil Collector
Coil Collector: Complete the Start the Generator quest.
Earned Mon Aug 6 17:50:51 2018
Defender of the Lair
Defender of the Lair: Defend the Lair and defeat Breda.
Earned Tue Aug 7 13:04:02 2018
Unfulmigator: Eliminate Fulmigati's doomsday machine.
Earned Wed Aug 8 00:11:55 2018
Misfit: Kill 50 enemies.
Earned Sun Aug 5 14:29:06 2018
Butcher: Kill 500 enemies.
Earned Sun Aug 5 19:44:21 2018
Monster's Bane
Monster's Bane: Kill 5000 enemies.
Earned Mon Aug 6 22:55:09 2018
Satan's Lil' Helper
Satan's Lil' Helper: Kill 50.000 enemies.
Earned Fri Aug 10 23:54:55 2018
Tourist: Visit 3 different locations.
Earned Sun Aug 5 14:48:28 2018
Explorer: Visit all locations.
Earned Tue Aug 7 23:00:02 2018
Novice Treasure Hunter
Novice Treasure Hunter: Loot 50 chests.
Earned Sun Aug 5 15:40:59 2018
Journeyman Treasure Hunter
Journeyman Treasure Hunter: Loot 100 chests.
Earned Mon Aug 6 10:36:20 2018
Expert Treasure Hunter
Expert Treasure Hunter: Loot 200 chests.
Earned Mon Aug 6 12:36:22 2018
Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire
Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire: Loot 500 chests.
Earned Mon Aug 6 18:30:15 2018
Ink Walker
Ink Walker: Visit an Ink location.
Earned Sun Aug 5 19:39:17 2018
Ink Master
Ink Master: Visit 7 Ink locations.
Earned Tue Aug 7 22:42:44 2018
Smuggler: Complete The weapon shipment quest.
Earned Tue Aug 7 00:03:17 2018
Hijacker: Complete the orichalcum shipment quest.
Earned Tue Aug 7 17:54:41 2018
Let loose the Ghost of War
Let loose the Ghost of War: Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss.
Earned Mon Aug 6 11:52:59 2018
Escort Master
Escort Master: Escort the Traveling Merchant to the Romany Camp with him taking no damage.
Earned Sun Aug 5 19:20:26 2018
Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day: Solve every side-quest in Markovna.
Earned Mon Aug 6 22:39:50 2018
Viva la Resistance!
Viva la Resistance!: Solve every side-quest in the Secret Lair.
Earned Tue Aug 7 15:00:53 2018
Spotless Defense
Spotless Defense: Defend the Lair without a single enemy getting in.
Earned Tue Aug 7 13:04:02 2018
Explosives expert
Explosives expert: Finish the Salvage Mission quest without setting of any explosives.
Earned Wed Aug 8 11:51:59 2018
Riddle me Wisp
Riddle me Wisp: Answer all the Riddle Wisps correctly (so you don't have to fight them).
Earned Tue Aug 7 22:52:52 2018
What's in the bag?
What's in the bag?: Take at least 20 pieces of loot from the Domovoy on the Gorgon Pass with a single character.
Earned Wed Aug 8 09:20:04 2018
I'm so Hardcore!
I'm so Hardcore!: Finish the game with a Hardcore character!
Earned Thu Aug 9 17:19:41 2018
But they are so cute!
But they are so cute!: Finish the game without killing a single Igor. (You know, those cute little guys with the flamethrowers!)
Earned Wed Aug 8 01:23:45 2018
Frenzied Forest Spirit
Frenzied Forest Spirit: Defeat the Frenzied Forest Spirit in Gallowsbog.
Earned Tue Aug 7 12:19:37 2018
Highly Educated
Highly Educated: Auras and Tricks can come in handy in many situations. Learn as many as you can!
Earned Tue Aug 7 15:07:31 2018
The Wingless Messiah
The Wingless Messiah: Defeat the Wingless Messiah.
Earned Sun Aug 5 19:41:06 2018
Fortune's Child
Fortune's Child: Gather a Critical Hit chance of at least 50%.
Earned Wed Aug 8 14:48:49 2018
Who needs machines when you've got SWAG!
Who needs machines when you've got SWAG!: Defeat the Drill Worm without the help of the Elyctric Discharger.
Earned Mon Aug 6 12:58:18 2018
Bunnyslayer: Defeat the Rabbit with the Bunnyslayer.
Earned Thu Aug 9 01:52:50 2018
Brute Force
Brute Force: Defeat Professor Fulmigati with all of his Towers, etc. still intact.
Earned Wed Aug 8 00:11:56 2018
Rightful Heir
Rightful Heir: Retrieve King Borislav's Royal Scepter.
Earned Tue Aug 7 15:30:24 2018
Sword in the Stone
Sword in the Stone: Pull out the Excalibur from the Stone.
Earned Tue Aug 7 11:13:31 2018
Junky: Swim through 20 Garbage Containers.
Earned Mon Aug 6 18:07:33 2018
Chicken Runner
Chicken Runner: Kill a chicken with a sword!
Earned Wed Aug 8 09:10:48 2018