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The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story PS5

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story

From Digital Sun, creators of Moonlighter, The Mageseeker is an action RPG in the League of Legends universe. Play as Sylas, a mage now freed from years in captivity. Wield the chains that once bound you and liberate Demacia from the Mageseekers' tyranny.
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Digital Sun
Publisher: Riot Forge
  • 44 Trophy bronze icon
  • 6 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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The Unshackled
Adjustment pixel The Unshackled: Obtain all trophies
No more cages!
Adjustment pixel No more cages!: Escape from the Great City of Demacia
Dark Forest
Adjustment pixel Dark Forest: Explore the Dark Forest
Adjustment pixel Thornbarrow: Recruit Rukko and find information about Kara's whereabouts
Clarion Cove
Adjustment pixel Clarion Cove: Rescue Yops from one of Hesbeth's labs
Adjustment pixel Devineur: Rescue Kara from the Mageseekers
Sacred Woods
Adjustment pixel Sacred Woods: Meet Morgana
Adjustment pixel Glyndemere: Free the mages imprisoned in Glyndemere Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Capelworth: Destroy the Capelworth Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Terbisia: Visit Lux in Terbisia
The Central Headquarters
Adjustment pixel The Central Headquarters: Explore the Central Headquarters
The Great City of Demacia
Adjustment pixel The Great City of Demacia: Complete the assault to the Great City of Demacia
Truth is a dark mirror
Adjustment pixel Truth is a dark mirror: Get Morgana's vision
Adjustment pixel Meltridge: Stop the mage execution at Meltridge
The end of the experiments
Adjustment pixel The end of the experiments: End Hesbeth's experiments
The great mage rebellion starts now
Adjustment pixel The great mage rebellion starts now: Complete the game
The use of petricite
Adjustment pixel The use of petricite: Unlock a spell from Leilani
Adjustment pixel Spellcrafting: Unlock all spells
Full equipped
Adjustment pixel Full equipped: Unlock all slots improvements
You can pet the... horse
Adjustment pixel You can pet the... horse: Pet the horse, Azucarillo
For Demacia
Adjustment pixel For Demacia: Fight Garen at the beginning of the game
My heart and sword always for Demacia
Adjustment pixel My heart and sword always for Demacia: Defeat Garen
Adjustment pixel Everfrost: Defeat the Polar Lizard
Big Helmet Bro
Adjustment pixel Big Helmet Bro: Defeat the Giant's Helm
Past trauma
Adjustment pixel Past trauma: Defeat Rayn in Devineur
Little light
Adjustment pixel Little light: Fight Rayn in Glyndemere
Old friend
Adjustment pixel Old friend: Defeat Wisteria in Devineur
True power
Adjustment pixel True power: Defeat Wisteria in Meltridge
Do you trust me?
Adjustment pixel Do you trust me?: Defeat Wisteria
I choose my shackles
Adjustment pixel I choose my shackles: Fight Morgana
No more holding back
Adjustment pixel No more holding back: Defeat the Rattleclaw
Friendly fire
Adjustment pixel Friendly fire: Defeat Killan
I smell fear
Adjustment pixel I smell fear: Defeat Jarvan and Shyvana
Elemental master
Adjustment pixel Elemental master: Use opposite magics 150 times
Adjustment pixel Hijack: Copy abilities from enemies 200 times
Petricite Burst
Adjustment pixel Petricite Burst: Hook and whirl 100 times
Chains master
Adjustment pixel Chains master: Hook 10 times in less than 8 seconds
Adjustment pixel Pentakill: Kill 5 enemies at the same time
Ancient power
Adjustment pixel Ancient power: Unlock the Unchained Mode
Silverwing nest
Adjustment pixel Silverwing nest: Find all Silverwings
Ternmoat Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Ternmoat Headquarters: Complete Ternmoat Headquarters assault
Cypress Glen Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Cypress Glen Headquarters: Complete Cypress Glen Headquarters assault
Iffighain Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Iffighain Headquarters: Complete Iffighain Headquarters assault
Quickmoore Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Quickmoore Headquarters: Complete Quickmoore Headquarters assault
Cloven Dell Headquarters
Adjustment pixel Cloven Dell Headquarters: Complete Cloven Dell Headquarters assault
Back to sleep, then...
Adjustment pixel Back to sleep, then...: Complete all secret lab raids
Whispers in the Woods I
Adjustment pixel Whispers in the Woods I: Complete the first enemy wave
Whispers in the Woods II
Adjustment pixel Whispers in the Woods II: Complete the second enemy wave
Whispers in the Woods III
Adjustment pixel Whispers in the Woods III: Complete the third enemy wave
Whispers in the Woods IV
Adjustment pixel Whispers in the Woods IV: Complete the fourth enemy wave
Embrace the darkness
Adjustment pixel Embrace the darkness: Defeat Nocturne
You can pet the dog
Adjustment pixel You can pet the dog: Pet the dog, Sam
Call it 'redistribution of magic
Adjustment pixel Call it 'redistribution of magic: Unlock all ultimates
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