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The Mark of Kri PS4

The Mark of Kri

Long ago, an evil spell was created that had the power to bridge our world with the one of darkness. Before the spell could be invoked, it was stolen and hidden away, forgotten with timeā€¦until now.
The Mark of Kri is a Action-game for the   developed by SCE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • US December 5, 2015
  • EU December 5, 2015
  • JP N/A
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Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior: Unlock all trophies.
Fresh Loincloth
Fresh Loincloth: Change Rau's outfit.
Relic Hunter
Relic Hunter: Find a Tuku.
Mystic Strength
Mystic Strength: Collect a Rune of Power.
From the Shadows
From the Shadows: Perform a group stealth attack.
The best offense
The best offense: Block 5 consecutive enemy attacks.
Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet: Enter the Recall Hints section of the menu.
Deadeye: Perform 5 consecutive single shot kills.
Sharpening the Blade
Sharpening the Blade: Complete any training session.
Help from my friends
Help from my friends: Create a distraction by disturbing a flock of birds with Kuzo.
Bully: Activate the Wimpy Enemies cheat.
Cleared: Ruins of Tiru
Cleared: Ruins of Tiru: Complete Baumusu's challenges for the Ruins of Tiru.
Cleared: Tapuroku
Cleared: Tapuroku: Complete Baumusu's challenges for Tapuroku.
Cleared: Heiadoko
Cleared: Heiadoko: Complete Baumusu's challenges for Heiadoko.
Cleared: Vaitaku
Cleared: Vaitaku: Complete Baumusu's challenges for Vaitaku.
Cleared: Meifiti
Cleared: Meifiti: Complete Baumusu's challenges for Meifiti.
Cleared: Rahtutusai
Cleared: Rahtutusai: Complete Baumusu's challenges for Rahtutusai.
Undetected: Perform 10 consecutive stealth kills.
Unscathed: Complete a level without dying.
Bow Master
Bow Master: Kill 15 consecutive enemies with your bow.
Your own medecine
Your own medecine: Disarm 5 consecutive enemies.
Bareknuckle Brawler
Bareknuckle Brawler: Complete a Time Attack using only your fists.
Quick Hands
Quick Hands: Complete a Time Attack in under 40 seconds.
This little piggy
This little piggy: Stealth kill an enemy after distracting them with a boar.
One Fell Swoop
One Fell Swoop: Kill three enemies with one strike.
Arena Master
Arena Master: Unlock all arenas.
Art Aficionado
Art Aficionado: Unlock all movies and art.
An End to the Darkness
An End to the Darkness: Kill the Dark One.
Timber!: Achieve a body count of 60 in any Body Count mode.
Master of Weapons
Master of Weapons: Collect every Tuku to unlock all weapons for every level.