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The Metronomicon PS4

The Metronomicon

Face off in thumping musical showdowns against fearsome enemies by dancing to the beat, harnessing the powers of tunage to unleash powerful attacks in real time, turn-based-inspired combat. Build a party, equip your gear and level up to unleash your choice of each hero's special abilities. Each boss defeated unlocks more music, gear and power.
The Metronomicon is a Role-playing game, Music-game for the   developed by Puuba and published by Akupara.
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Metronomiconquest: You done did it all!
Forest Phenomenon
Forest Phenomenon: Destroy the Speyeder of the Wild Forest.
Castle Criznashor
Castle Criznashor: Dethrone the Wraith King in the Haunted Kingdom.
Mt. Rage Ravager
Mt. Rage Ravager: End the dancing of a great Candy Dragon.
Shipside Shanker
Shipside Shanker: Decompile a fearsome Dance-o-bot.
Downright Mooninite
Downright Mooninite: Save the world of Koras from Dancemageddon.
Arena Attemptor
Arena Attemptor: Conquer one challenge in the school arena.
Arena Arrestor
Arena Arrestor: Make five arena challenges your chump.
Alien Assassin
Alien Assassin: Beat the final challenge's omega boss.
Arena Apocalypse
Arena Apocalypse: Defeat every arena challenge
Hail, the new Overlord
Hail, the new Overlord: Defeat every arena challenge on hard.
The Sidequest Shimmy
The Sidequest Shimmy: Succeed in your first story sidequest.
Optional Adventurer
Optional Adventurer: Succeed in beating five sidequests.
Freetime Frivolitor
Freetime Frivolitor: Succeed in every single sidequest.
Hark! Songs ho!
Hark! Songs ho!: Unlock your first bonus song.
Dancing Fool
Dancing Fool: Survive your first 10 songs in Story Mode.
Dancing Maniac
Dancing Maniac: Survive every song in Story Mode.
Dancing Psychopath
Dancing Psychopath: Survive every song in Story Mode on Hard.
Part-Time Contractor
Part-Time Contractor: Perform your first upgrade to the school.
Scientific Inquirer
Scientific Inquirer: Unlock Sara's laboratory.
Ruby (Crusted) Weapons
Ruby (Crusted) Weapons: Purchase every ultimate weapon.
We're Going Streaking!
We're Going Streaking!: Attain a 100 note streak.
The Phantom Streaker
The Phantom Streaker: Attain a 300 note streak
Pacifist: Survive a story song without killing an enemy.
Reckless Warrior
Reckless Warrior: Survive a story song without healing any party member.
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers: Apply six buffs to one hero at the same time
Protector and Destroyer
Protector and Destroyer: Deal at least 7000 hp damage in one strike as Gwen
Victorious Virtuoso
Victorious Virtuoso: Perform a perfect Solo-Lane Team Attack.
Comeback Kid
Comeback Kid: Perform a perfect meteor attack counter.
One Punch Team
One Punch Team: Kill five enemies in a row using just a single attack on each.
No Pee Breaks
No Pee Breaks: Beat a fifty song playlist without ever pausing.
Debuff Braver
Debuff Braver: Survive ten songs in Endless Mode in one run.
Endless Explorer
Endless Explorer: Survive thirty songs in Endless Mode in one run.