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The Solus Project PS4

The Solus Project

The Solus Project is a single player exploration adventure with survival elements.
The Solus Project is a PlayStation VR, Adventure-game for the   developed by Hourences and published by Teotl Studios.
  • US September 19, 2017
  • EU September 19, 2017
  • JP N/A
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All trophies
All trophies: You collected all the trophies!
Alcoholic: Drink champagne 3 times
Alien Cousine Conniseur
Alien Cousine Conniseur: Only eat alien 10 times in a row
Alien Living Room Explorer
Alien Living Room Explorer: Find the energy source
Beginner's Luck
Beginner's Luck: Complete your survival training
Book Worm
Book Worm: Complete the library
Darkest Danger
Darkest Danger: Overcome the dark encounter
MILSON!!!!!!1111: Find Milson
Dummy: Extinguish a torch in water
E.T. Phone Home
E.T. Phone Home: Start the Communication Tower
Fire In The Hole!
Fire In The Hole!: Blow up a torch in H2S without getting killed
First Entry
First Entry: Set foot on the planet
Geologist: Have 16 rocks in inventory
God Almighty
God Almighty: Collect all secrets
Hamster: Collect 50 secrets
Hoarder: Collect 75 secrets
Horror Dolls
Horror Dolls: Have seen the dolls that cannot be unseen
Hulk, Smash!
Hulk, Smash!: Show some love to rocks - smash 20 rocks together
Illuminated Escape
Illuminated Escape: Reach the island of Flashpoint
I Made You A Mixtape
I Made You A Mixtape: Find and pick up the music player
Junk In The Trunk
Junk In The Trunk: Carry 10 pieces of Tower Pieces in your inventory
Long Distance Swimmer
Long Distance Swimmer: Swim far off shore
Man I Sure Hope They Ain't All Dead
Man I Sure Hope They Ain't All Dead: Phone home
Massive Fan
Massive Fan: Complete Highpoint
The Messiah
The Messiah: Return to the Crossroad Island with an energy source
My Very First Secret!
My Very First Secret!: Collect your first secret
No Sane Person Would Do This
No Sane Person Would Do This: Jump into the Hotspot crater
Odin's Son
Odin's Son: Get hit by lightning while holding a hammer
Oh, I Need This?
Oh, I Need This?: Hasn't picked up PDA until 5 minutes has passed
Ridiculously Courageous
Ridiculously Courageous: Enter the Ice Path
Sauna Pretender
Sauna Pretender: Reach the island of Hotspot
Shish Kebab
Shish Kebab: Get hit by a spike plant
Skydiver: Fall for at least 5 seconds to your death
Teleportation Sickness
Teleportation Sickness: Teleport 10 times in 30 seconds
The Hatch
The Hatch: Find the ladder down
This Swimming Pool is Awful
This Swimming Pool is Awful: Dip your head in acid water
Thor Wannabe
Thor Wannabe: Complete Flashpoint
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider: Open 50 boxes
Twister: Survive a tornado
Windy Escape
Windy Escape: Reach the island of Highpoint
Would Not Even Wait To Check In The Hotel
Would Not Even Wait To Check In The Hotel: Explore the backside of the first island
Yeti Hunt
Yeti Hunt: Enter the massive ice cavern
Acid Trip
Acid Trip: Return to the first caves after Flashpoint