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The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition PS4

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition

Almost all life on Earth disappears instantly, leaving the whole planet enveloped in the Void, a milky viscous sea of nothing that stretches for as far as the eye can see.

Years later, a handful of survivors begin to rebuild civilization, but their endeavours are hampered by the Izverg, giant beasts formed from the residue of negativity and nightmares that now roam the land. Fortunately, engineers discover the ability to develop projection clones - new life forms capable of venturing deep into the Void in search of preserved human DNA. It is with these clones that mankind begins the long journey back to its former glory...
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Q-Games
Publisher: Q-Games
  • 10 Trophy bronze icon
  • 12 Trophy silver icon
  • 6 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Platinum Patriot
Adjustment pixel Platinum Patriot: Received for unlocking all Trophies.
Welcome To Tomorrow
Adjustment pixel Welcome To Tomorrow: Start your effort in service of the state.
Backroom Deal
Adjustment pixel Backroom Deal: Gain access to the Black Market.
The Scenic View
Adjustment pixel The Scenic View: Stand at a height of 150 m.
Thirst For Power
Adjustment pixel Thirst For Power: Purchase VoidKa 20 times.
Assault Leader
Adjustment pixel Assault Leader: Received when you defeat two Bankrotz in one day.
Angel Of Mercy
Adjustment pixel Angel Of Mercy: Revive 20 fallen comrades.
Citizen's Arrest
Adjustment pixel Citizen's Arrest: Trap someone with an Immobilizer.
Rolling Stone
Adjustment pixel Rolling Stone: Visit 10 towns.
Field Worker
Adjustment pixel Field Worker: Clear 10 islands.
Growing Up Fast
Adjustment pixel Growing Up Fast: Reach Level 2.
The Big 3-0
Adjustment pixel The Big 3-0: Reach Level 30.
Bearing The Future
Adjustment pixel Bearing The Future: Received for carrying two Matryoshka Dolls at once.
Play Around Medalist
Adjustment pixel Play Around Medalist: Received for playing on playground equipment ten times. No-one can beat me when I'm playing.
Fire And Fury
Adjustment pixel Fire And Fury: Received for use of explosive weapons or tools 30 times in one day.
Adjustment pixel Windfall: Received for finding 30 Freeman Dollars in one day.
Born Leader
Adjustment pixel Born Leader: Received when five Draft Comrades visit your town.
Gathering Glow
Adjustment pixel Gathering Glow: Received when you use a Crystal to harden the Void 10 times.
We Can Rebuild
Adjustment pixel We Can Rebuild: Received for repairing 5 buildings in a row without making a mistake.
Forge Of Civilization
Adjustment pixel Forge Of Civilization: Reveived when your Town Hall reaches its max level.
Nuisance Passenger
Adjustment pixel Nuisance Passenger: Received when you load up 30 items at one time on the bus.
Adjustment pixel Economist: Received when you spend 1000 coupons in one day.
Heart On Your Sleeve
Adjustment pixel Heart On Your Sleeve: Received for equipping 4 badges.
New Moon
Adjustment pixel New Moon: Received for logging in for a total of 10 days.
Storehouse Keeper
Adjustment pixel Storehouse Keeper: Received for storing 50 resources in a Storage Facility in one day.
Packrat Queen
Adjustment pixel Packrat Queen: Received for storing 100 resources in a Storage Facility in one day.
Return Gift
Adjustment pixel Return Gift: Received when you receive a return gift from someone you sent a gift to.
Grave Robber
Adjustment pixel Grave Robber: Received when you mine 100 Toil Chips from fallen Izverg.
Stone Odyssey
Adjustment pixel Stone Odyssey: Received when you activate a Monolith.
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