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Through the Woods PS4

Through the Woods

Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shores of Norway that tells the story of a mother and her missing son.
Through the Woods is a Horror-game for the   developed by Antagonist and published by 1C Company.
  • US May 8, 2018
  • EU May 8, 2018
  • JP N/A
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Progression: 28 of 28
Supermom!: Completed all the things!
Earned Thu Dec 27 22:58:49 2018
Shocking News
Shocking News: Completed chapter 0
Earned Wed May 23 21:15:06 2018
There's No I in Denial
There's No I in Denial: Completed chapter 1
Earned Wed May 23 21:35:49 2018
Anger Management
Anger Management: Completed chapter 2
Earned Sun Jun 3 22:17:57 2018
Fight Club
Fight Club: Completed Erik's cabin
Earned Sun Jun 3 22:50:08 2018
It's a Bargain
It's a Bargain: Completed chapter 3
Earned Mon Jun 4 11:46:49 2018
Hard Depression
Hard Depression: Completed chapter 4
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:20:31 2018
Job Accepted
Job Accepted: Completed chapter 5
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:33:07 2018
Through the Woods and Back Again
Through the Woods and Back Again: Completed the game!
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:33:08 2018
Christian Blood
Christian Blood: Killed by a troll
Earned Sun Jun 3 21:05:37 2018
I Scream, You Scream
I Scream, You Scream: Killed by Huldra
Earned Sun Jun 3 21:48:53 2018
Then I Took a Tusk to the Knee
Then I Took a Tusk to the Knee: Killed by Særimne
Earned Mon Jun 4 10:58:22 2018
The Girl Who Cried Wolf
The Girl Who Cried Wolf: Killed by one of the brothers
Earned Mon Jun 4 11:32:49 2018
I Didn't See Dead People
I Didn't See Dead People: Killed by a draug
Earned Mon Jun 4 11:56:14 2018
True Drifter
True Drifter: Found all collectibles
Earned Thu Dec 27 20:56:35 2018
My Mom Is Smarter than Yours!
My Mom Is Smarter than Yours!: Read all texts
Earned Thu Dec 27 20:56:36 2018
I'll Find the Full Story on the Internet
I'll Find the Full Story on the Internet: Found all folklore items
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:37:04 2018
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead: Found all abandoned children
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:08:15 2018
Gathered Norway to One Kingdom
Gathered Norway to One Kingdom: One was the king who won, two were defeated
Earned Sun Jun 3 21:05:18 2018
Red Raiding Hood
Red Raiding Hood: Found the red hood
Earned Mon Jun 4 11:33:41 2018
He Started It All
He Started It All: You need two to make a pact
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:26:35 2018
Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers: Found the little heroes' toys
Earned Sun Jun 3 22:22:16 2018
A Plague upon Both Your Houses!
A Plague upon Both Your Houses!: Found Pesta, the plague maiden.
Earned Sun Jun 3 22:08:03 2018
It Only Counts as One!
It Only Counts as One!: Found all dwarven gates
Earned Mon Jun 4 11:50:17 2018
Breadcrumbs: Found all reflectors
Earned Sun Jun 3 21:40:12 2018
Knock Knock!
Knock Knock!: Opened all doors
Earned Thu Dec 27 22:58:49 2018
Good Dog
Good Dog: Relieved Garm from his pain
Earned Mon Jun 4 12:11:03 2018
Among the Sleep
Among the Sleep: I live, I die, I live again
Earned Mon Jun 4 10:37:06 2018