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Togges PS5


Togges is a charming and colourful 3D Puzzle-Platformer. Go on adventures, stack adorable living blocks and solve puzzles around the Cosmos to save the Galaxy from the threats of the Void.
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Regular Studio
Publisher: Thunderful
  • 24 Trophy bronze icon
  • 10 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Universe Dominator... Junior
Adjustment pixel Universe Dominator... Junior: Collect all the trophies.
Get out of here!
Adjustment pixel Get out of here!: Erase 1000 Togges at once with the Rubber.
A Gazillion of Togges
Adjustment pixel A Gazillion of Togges: Spread 1 million Togges.
Not like this…
Adjustment pixel Not like this…: Spread Togges on top of the OS ship, not inside.
Can you pet the dog?
Adjustment pixel Can you pet the dog?: Pet the dog at the Wind Hills.
Adjustment pixel TOOMBA: Collect a seed using the Ground Stomp.
Adjustment pixel Roots: Collect all the Seeds.
Adjustment pixel Hungry: Collect all the Fruits.
Adjustment pixel Alphabetic: Collect all the Letters.
Very well. Mind you! Well, then…
Adjustment pixel Very well. Mind you! Well, then…: Find all the Triplets.
Adjustment pixel Collect-A-Thon: Collect all the collectibles.
Togge Palace
Adjustment pixel Togge Palace: Return to the Togge Palace.
Togge Constellation
Adjustment pixel Togge Constellation: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Togge Palace.
King President
Adjustment pixel King President: Meet the King President.
Scarecrow Baron
Adjustment pixel Scarecrow Baron: Scare away the crows for the Scarecrow Baron.
Medieval Moon
Adjustment pixel Medieval Moon: Arrive at Medieval Moon.
Galactic Turquoise
Adjustment pixel Galactic Turquoise: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Medieval Moon.
King Richard XV
Adjustment pixel King Richard XV: Wake Up King Richard XV.
Baby Dragons
Adjustment pixel Baby Dragons: Find all the baby dragons at the Medieval Moon.
Carrot Cake Kingdom
Adjustment pixel Carrot Cake Kingdom: Arrive at the Carrot Cake.
Chocolate Way
Adjustment pixel Chocolate Way: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Carrot Cake.
Cake Princess
Adjustment pixel Cake Princess: Get the attention of the Cake Princess.
Night City
Adjustment pixel Night City: Find all the shells at the Carrot Cake.
Adjustment pixel Harv: Arrive at Harv.
Phantom Forest
Adjustment pixel Phantom Forest: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Harv.
Adjustment pixel Wise: Climb to the top of Harv.
What does the fox say?
Adjustment pixel What does the fox say?: Find all the Fox at the Harv.
Radio Savannah
Adjustment pixel Radio Savannah: Arrive at Radio Savannah.
Flag Republic
Adjustment pixel Flag Republic: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Radio Savannah.
DJ Leo
Adjustment pixel DJ Leo: Complete half of DJ Leo’s challenge.
Adjustment pixel Parkour: Find all the flags at the Radio Savannah.
Wind Hills
Adjustment pixel Wind Hills: Arrive at the Wind Hills.
Valley of the Villains
Adjustment pixel Valley of the Villains: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Wind Hills
The Truth
Adjustment pixel The Truth: Discover the truth with the Lord of Doors.
Adjustment pixel Kites: Find all the kites at the Wind Hills.
Endless Wall
Adjustment pixel Endless Wall: Arrive at the Endless Wall.
The Unknown
Adjustment pixel The Unknown: Collect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Endless Wall.
Empress Minister
Adjustment pixel Empress Minister: Beat the Empress Minister of the Voids.
Togges & Voids
Adjustment pixel Togges & Voids: Complete the game and take a picture with the crew!
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