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Trine 2: Complete Story PS4

Trine 2: Complete Story

Trine 2 for PS4 takes the first game's beloved triad and puts them into an all-new adventure filled with more action, more puzzles, and the introduction of online support for the series's popular cooperative 3-person gameplay.
Trine 2: Complete Story is a Platformer, Action, Puzzle-game for the   developed by Frozenbyte and published by Atlus.
  • US November 15, 2013
  • EU N/A
  • JP N/A
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Trine 2 Hard
Trine 2 Hard: Earn all Trophies in Trine 2
Into the Story
Into the Story: Complete The Story Begins
Wild in Wilderness
Wild in Wilderness: Complete Forlorn Wilderness
Mudproof Hero
Mudproof Hero: Complete Mudwater Dale
March Through the Marsh
March Through the Marsh: Complete Mosslight Marsh
Treehouse Adventure
Treehouse Adventure: Complete Petrified Tree
No More Lizard Soup
No More Lizard Soup: Complete Shadowed Halls
Hostile Gardening
Hostile Gardening: Complete Hushing Grove
Funs with Fungi
Funs with Fungi: Complete Mushroom Caves
Shrooms and Glooms
Shrooms and Glooms: Complete Mushroom Murk
Pearl Diver
Pearl Diver: Complete Searock Castle
Sinister Plumbing
Sinister Plumbing: Complete Eldritch Passages
Hot and Cold
Hot and Cold: Complete Icewarden Keep
Through Dangers Untold
Through Dangers Untold: Complete The Final Chapter
No Time to Change Clothes
No Time to Change Clothes: Complete The Heroes Return
Sunstroke: Complete Deadly Dustland
Indigestion: Complete Belly of the Beast
Grand Theft Aviation
Grand Theft Aviation: Complete Brackenridge Rise
I'm Walking in the Air
I'm Walking in the Air: Complete Cloudy Isles
Happy Reunion
Happy Reunion: Complete Goblin Machinations
Pontius Transportation Company
Pontius Transportation Company: Glide for five seconds with Kitesail Shield while having an object or character on top of the shield
I Didn't Do It
I Didn't Do It: Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level
A Floral Feast
A Floral Feast: Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats
Hammer Havoc
Hammer Havoc: Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill
Cirque de Zoya
Cirque de Zoya: Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface
Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics: Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level
This Wasn't the Plan
This Wasn't the Plan: Make a bubble sink for three seconds
Surfboard Master
Surfboard Master: Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds
Bouncy Bouncy
Bouncy Bouncy: Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds
A Hail Of Arrows
A Hail Of Arrows: Shoot three arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield
Cannonball Rebound
Cannonball Rebound: Kill a grenadier goblin with its own cannonball
High Rise
High Rise: Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it
Wicked Collection
Wicked Collection: Capture three different types of enemies inside boxes and stack them on top of another
The Leaning Tower of Pontius
The Leaning Tower of Pontius: Build a three-piece or three-character tower where lowest part is Pontius and his shield, tower must stand at least five seconds
Mutually Assured Destruction
Mutually Assured Destruction: Make a sandworm kill another sandworm
Off You Go
Off You Go: Capture a goblin in a Monster Prison and then launch it with a catapult
Play Catch
Play Catch: Throw a box with Pontius' magnetic shield and catch it or have another player catch it
Catch This!
Catch This!: Kill an enemy with an airborne object tossed with the Knight's charge
Icebreaker: Shatter three frozen enemies within one second
Snowman: Freeze two enemies and stack them on top of each other
This is Trine!
This is Trine!: Kick five enemies of the same kind into a bottomless pit with the Thief's grappling hook kick or the Knight's Kitesail Shield glide kick
Rafting: Create a makeshift raft of three separate parts and have a goblin sail it for five seconds
Pontius Baseball
Pontius Baseball: Launch an object with Knight's magnetic shield and break it with hammer before the object touches the ground
O Solo Mio
O Solo Mio: Complete a level with only Amadeus
Like a Shadow
Like a Shadow: Complete a level with only Zoya
Alone and Mighty
Alone and Mighty: Complete a level with only Pontius
I want more!
I want more!: Complete the game
All Too Easy!
All Too Easy!: Finish a level without taking any damage (except in the Story Begins)
Lost and Found
Lost and Found: Find all chests in the game
Grand Collector
Grand Collector: Collect all experience pickups in the game
Walk in the Park
Walk in the Park: Complete the game on hard using hardcore mode