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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune PS3

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

A 400-year-old clue in the coffin of Sir Francis Drake sets a modern-day fortune hunter on an exploration for the fabled treasure of El Dorado, leading to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The search turns deadly when Nathan Drake becomes stranded on the island and hunted by mercenaries. Outnumbered and outgunned, Drake and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the Island.
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is a Action, Adventure, Third-Person-game for the   developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • US November 20, 2007
  • EU December 7, 2007
  • JP December 6, 2007
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Platinum: Platinum
First Treasure
First Treasure: Find one treasure
Beginner Fortune Hunter
Beginner Fortune Hunter: Find 5 treasures
Novice Fortune Hunter
Novice Fortune Hunter: Find 10 treasures
Enthusiast Fortune Hunter
Enthusiast Fortune Hunter: Find 15 treasures
Intermediate Fortune Hunter
Intermediate Fortune Hunter: Find 20 treasures
Skilled Fortune Hunter
Skilled Fortune Hunter: Find 25 treasures
Proficient Fortune Hunter
Proficient Fortune Hunter: Find 30 treasures
Advanced Fortune Hunter
Advanced Fortune Hunter: Find 35 treasures
Professional Fortune Hunter
Professional Fortune Hunter: Find 40 treasures
Senior Fortune Hunter
Senior Fortune Hunter: Find 45 treasures
Expert Fortune Hunter
Expert Fortune Hunter: Find 50 treasures
Crack Fortune Hunter
Crack Fortune Hunter: Find 55 treasures
Master Fortune Hunter
Master Fortune Hunter: Find All treasures (60)
Relic Finder
Relic Finder: Find the Strange Relic
Brutal Brawler
Brutal Brawler: Kill 5 enemies with a brutal combo
Brutal Slugger
Brutal Slugger: Kill 20 enemies with a brutal combo
Brutal Expert
Brutal Expert: Kill 5 enemies in a row with a brutal combo
Stealth Attacker
Stealth Attacker: Kill 20 enemies melee-attacking from behind
Steel Fist
Steel Fist: Kill 5 dazed enemies with a single punch
Steel Fist Expert
Steel Fist Expert: Kill 5 dazed enemies with a single punch, in a row
Headshot Expert
Headshot Expert: Kill 5 enemies in a row with headshots
10 Headshots
10 Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with headshots
30 Headshots
30 Headshots: Kill 30 enemies with headshots
100 Headshots
100 Headshots: Kill 100 enemies with headshots
Dyno-Might!: Kill 3 enemies with ONE explosion
Expert Dyno-Might
Expert Dyno-Might: Kill 3 enemies with ONE explosion five times
Run-and-Gunner: Kill 20 enemies while shooting from the hip
Hangman: Kill 10 enemies by aiming while hanging
Grenade Hangman
Grenade Hangman: Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while hanging.
Survivor: Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying
50 Kills: PM - 9mm
50 Kills: PM - 9mm: Kill 50 enemies with the PM-9mm
50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm
50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm: Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS-9mm
50 Kills: Micro - 9mm
50 Kills: Micro - 9mm: Kill 50 enemies with the Micro-9mm
20 Kills: Wes - 44
20 Kills: Wes - 44: Kill 20 enemies with the Wess-44
20 Kills: Desert - 5
20 Kills: Desert - 5: Kill 20 enemies with the Desert-5
30 Kills: MP40
30 Kills: MP40: Kill 30 enemies with the MP40
50 Kills: AK-47
50 Kills: AK-47: Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47
50 Kills: M4
50 Kills: M4: Kill 50 enemies with the M4
30 Kills: Dragon Sniper
30 Kills: Dragon Sniper: Kill 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper
50 Kills: Moss - 12
50 Kills: Moss - 12: Kill 50 enemies with the Moss-12
50 Kills: SAS - 12
50 Kills: SAS - 12: Kill 50 enemies with the SAS-12
30 Kills: M79
30 Kills: M79: Kill 30 enemies with the M79
20 Kills: Mk-NDI
20 Kills: Mk-NDI: Kill 20 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades
Charted! - Easy
Charted! - Easy: Finish the game in Easy Mode
Charted! - Normal
Charted! - Normal: Finish the game in Normal Mode
Charted! - Hard
Charted! - Hard: Finish the game in Hard Mode
Charted! - Crushing
Charted! - Crushing: Finish the game in Crushing Mode