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Underhero PS4


Underhero is a 2D side-scroller RPG adventure game with timing-based combat. It tells an intriguing and mysterious story, full of silly characters brimming with personality, quirky dialogue, and lots of weird humor.
Underhero is a Side-scroller, Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Paper Castle Games and published by Paper Castle Games.
  • US February 11, 2020
  • EU February 11, 2020
  • JP N/A
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Employee of the Month!
Employee of the Month!: You deserve a raise
One Small Step
One Small Step: First weapon Upgrade!
Halfway there
Halfway there: Half weapon Upgrades!
Greatness Achieved!
Greatness Achieved!: All weapon Upgrades!
Good for your health
Good for your health: First HP Upgrade!
You're looking healthy
You're looking healthy: Half HP Upgrades!
An apple a day keeps the monsters at bay
An apple a day keeps the monsters at bay: All HP Upgrades!
Pop it in!
Pop it in!: First Music Cassette
Enough for a rave!
Enough for a rave!: Half Music Cassettes
Too many tunes
Too many tunes: All Music Cassettes
Ready for Round 2
Ready for Round 2: First Shield Upgrade
Almost Untouchable
Almost Untouchable: All Shield Upgrades
Breaking and Entering
Breaking and Entering: First missing key used
Key Finding Master
Key Finding Master: All missing keys used
Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains: Finish the Intro
Sweet Experience Points
Sweet Experience Points: Killed your First Enemy in Combat
Deep Pockets
Deep Pockets: Your First Bribe
Worst Employee Ever
Worst Employee Ever: Killed 20 Enemies
The Language of Money
The Language of Money: Bribed 20 Enemies
Too fast for the Naked Eye
Too fast for the Naked Eye: Won the Ant's Gang Race
The Sign said: DO NOT TOUCH!
The Sign said: DO NOT TOUCH!: A tree full of beer
Moth Queen Defeated!
Moth Queen Defeated!: Defeated The Moth Queen, Alexandria II
You're not old enough
You're not old enough: Made your first drink
Sir Mix-a-Lot
Sir Mix-a-Lot: You gave Blobber his favorite drink
Honorary Bro!
Honorary Bro!: Completed the Bros Quest
A Rival Defeated!
A Rival Defeated!: Defeated The Grey Kid
Masked Kid on Ice
Masked Kid on Ice: Won the Ice Skating Competition
The Phantom Baron Defeated!
The Phantom Baron Defeated!: Defeated Baron van Gregory
Champion of the People
Champion of the People: Cleared the Pica Pica Coliseum
Red Hot Collection
Red Hot Collection: Complete Jilani'snPepper Collection
Sunset Stroller
Sunset Stroller: Found the Hidden Treasure of the beach
This will BURN!
This will BURN!: Cook the spiciest salsa
Don Salserissimo Defeated!
Don Salserissimo Defeated!: Defeated El Salserissimo
Stage can't handle you
Stage can't handle you: Night Theater
Logs.txt: Read all Robot Text Logs
Truth and Lies
Truth and Lies: The Show must go on
Will over Science!
Will over Science!: Defeated T. Bur
Love Reunited
Love Reunited: Recruited the Moth Queen
A Call to Arms
A Call to Arms: Recruited The Baron
You have changed
You have changed: Spared the Masked Children in Heroes Road
The King of Darkness Defeated!
The King of Darkness Defeated!: Defeated Mr. Stitches
The Underhero
The Underhero: The End of The World
A Journeys End
A Journeys End: Defeated ???
Bearer of Good News
Bearer of Good News: Eased a Fathers Mind