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Unicorn Break PS4

Unicorn Break

Unicorn Break is an arcade game that lets the user knock out fantasy themed items with a unique Cloud paddle and Heart shaped ball. Unique Animated levels, Mini-Bosses and Powerups to collect as you progress through the levels. Thirty Levels to compete in and battle mini bosses on your way to victory. Single player fun and arcade style entertainment.
  • US July 31, 2021
  • EU July 31, 2021
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Smobile Inc
Publisher: Smobile Inc
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  • 26 Trophy bronze icon
  • 7 Trophy silver icon
  • 4 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Unicorn Break master
Adjustment pixel Unicorn Break master: Collected all the trophies in the game.
Fast player
Adjustment pixel Fast player: Completed a level quickly.
Slow player
Adjustment pixel Slow player: Completed a level slowly.
Milo defeated
Adjustment pixel Milo defeated: Defeated a Milo mini boss.
Sprinkles defeated
Adjustment pixel Sprinkles defeated: Defeated a Sprinkles mini boss.
Stella defeated
Adjustment pixel Stella defeated: Defeated a Stella mini boss.
Turbo player
Adjustment pixel Turbo player: Hit ball 3 times in turbo paddle mode without losing life.
Sticky player
Adjustment pixel Sticky player: Caught ball 3 times with sticky paddle without losing life.
Shielded player
Adjustment pixel Shielded player: Hit ball 3 times with shield (bottom wall) without losing life.
Invincible player
Adjustment pixel Invincible player: Survived a mini boss attack through invincible paddle.
Slow and steady
Adjustment pixel Slow and steady: Destroyed 3 items with slow ball without losing life.
Laser collected
Adjustment pixel Laser collected: Collected a laser power up.
Wide paddle collected
Adjustment pixel Wide paddle collected: Collected a wide paddle power up.
Fireball collected
Adjustment pixel Fireball collected: Collected a fireball power up.
3-ball collected
Adjustment pixel 3-ball collected: Collected a 3-ball power up.
Laser lord
Adjustment pixel Laser lord: Destroyed 5 items with magic missile without losing life.
Fireball fury
Adjustment pixel Fireball fury: Destroyed 5 items with fireball without losing life.
Mega bomb
Adjustment pixel Mega bomb: Destroyed 3 items with a bomb.
Castle broken
Adjustment pixel Castle broken: Destroyed 3 Castles in a level.
Combo power up collected
Adjustment pixel Combo power up collected: Collected a combo of 3 or more power ups.
All power ups collected
Adjustment pixel All power ups collected: Collected all powers ups and collectibles in level.
No power ups collected
Adjustment pixel No power ups collected: Completed a level without collecting any power ups.
Mini boss attacks survived
Adjustment pixel Mini boss attacks survived: Survived all mini boss attacks in a level.
7 lives win
Adjustment pixel 7 lives win: Completed a level with 7 lives remaining.
30K points scored
Adjustment pixel 30K points scored: Scored 30000 points in a level.
3 stars earned
Adjustment pixel 3 stars earned: Earned total 3 stars in game.
3 coins collected
Adjustment pixel 3 coins collected: Collected total 3 coins in game.
High 5 player
Adjustment pixel High 5 player: Destroyed objects at 5x speed.
Immortal player
Adjustment pixel Immortal player: Completed a level without losing life.
40K points scored
Adjustment pixel 40K points scored: Scored 40000 points in a level.
2 characters played
Adjustment pixel 2 characters played: Completed levels with 2 different characters in game.
5 stars earned
Adjustment pixel 5 stars earned: Earned total 5 stars in game.
5 coins collected
Adjustment pixel 5 coins collected: Collected total 5 coins in game.
Moving items destroyed
Adjustment pixel Moving items destroyed: Completed a level with moving items.
Stationary mini bosses defeated
Adjustment pixel Stationary mini bosses defeated: Completed a level with stationary mini bosses.
7 stars earned
Adjustment pixel 7 stars earned: Earned total 7 stars in game.
7 coins collected
Adjustment pixel 7 coins collected: Collected total 7 coins in game.
3 characters played
Adjustment pixel 3 characters played: Completed levels with 3 different characters in game.
13 players