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Valfaris PS4


Valfaris is a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer from the team behind cult hit Slain: Back From Hell. Get ready to loudly go where no one has gone before…
Valfaris is a Platformer, Action-game for the   developed by Steel Mantis and published by Uppercut Games.
  • US November 5, 2019
  • EU November 6, 2019
  • JP N/A
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Unlock all trophies
Unlock all trophies: Unlock all trophies
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor: Defeat the Junk Gargoyle.
Just Another Bug Hunt
Just Another Bug Hunt: Defeat the Bloodstalker Queen.
Rust In Peace
Rust In Peace: Defeat the Exterminator.
Gelatinous Splatimous
Gelatinous Splatimous: Defeat Lord Jylskel.
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers: Defeat Itnan.
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal: Defeat the Ironclad Desolator.
Hammer Of The Gods
Hammer Of The Gods: Defeat Furrok.
Son Of Valfaris
Son Of Valfaris: Defeat Hydravok.
Get Used To It
Get Used To It: Die for the first time.
Slain!: Die 50 times.
Crate Worse Than Death
Crate Worse Than Death: Destroy 60 crates in a single playthrough.
Bringer Of Darkness
Bringer Of Darkness: Destroy 70 lights in a single playthrough.
Take Them Down
Take Them Down: Slash and destroy 40 projectiles in a single playthrough.
Here Comes Revenge
Here Comes Revenge: Hit an enemy with a Shield Counter-Blast 25 times in a single playthrough.
Be Quick Or Be Dead
Be Quick Or Be Dead: Parry an enemy melee attack 15 times in a single playthrough.
Megadeath: Kill 1000 enemies in a single playthrough.
Risk Versus Reward
Risk Versus Reward: Exchange 15 Resurrection Idols for Blood Metals in a single playthrough.
I Seek Power
I Seek Power: Upgrade a weapon for the first time.
Breadth Over Depth
Breadth Over Depth: Upgrade 10 different weapons at least once in a single playthrough.
Hand Cannon
Hand Cannon: Fully upgrade a pistol weapon.
Powerslave: Fully upgrade a destroyer weapon.
Forged From Blood
Forged From Blood: Fully upgrade a melee weapon.
That’ll Leave a Mark
That’ll Leave a Mark: Drop the wrecking ball on the Junk Gargoyle.
Eight Worms A-Leaping
Eight Worms A-Leaping: Kill all 8 leaping Swamp Worms in the Eco-Dome.
Right Back ‘Atcha
Right Back ‘Atcha: Kill 10 Hive Workers by reflecting their gunk balls back at them in a single life.
Sparks Will Fly
Sparks Will Fly: Destroy all 9 Tetra Sentries in the Power Chambers in a single life.
Giddy Up!
Giddy Up!: Motivate a Stone Worm in the Worm Tunnels 10 times during a single ride.
Coup De Grace
Coup De Grace: Kill Furrok by delivering the final blow with his own flaming hammers.
Headbanger: Parry Hydravok’s heads 3 times in a single life.
One Man Army
One Man Army: Find every weapon in a single playthrough.
No Hiding Place
No Hiding Place: Discover every secret area in a single playthrough.
Livin’ On The Edge
Livin’ On The Edge: Finish the Landing Pad without activating any checkpoints.
Speed King
Speed King: Complete the game in under 2 hours.
Lord Of Metal
Lord Of Metal: Finish the game with 10 or fewer deaths.