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PlayStation VR Worlds PS4

PlayStation VR Worlds

Journey through 5 different virtual reality experiences developed exclusively for PlayStation VR. VR Worlds include VR Luge, Dangerball, Into the Deep (working title), The London Heist and Scavengers Odyssey.
  • US October 13, 2016
  • EU October 13, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: SCE London Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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  • 4 Trophy bronze icon
  • 17 Trophy silver icon
  • 5 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
Progression: 4 of 27
Platinum Trophy
Adjustment pixel Platinum Trophy: Complete every PlayStation® VR Worlds Trophy
King of the Road
Adjustment pixel King of the Road: Complete all VR Luge Challenges
Training Wheels
Adjustment pixel Training Wheels: Complete half of the VR Luge challenges
Tour of Duty
Adjustment pixel Tour of Duty: Complete all VR Luge Tour challenges
Time Traveller
Adjustment pixel Time Traveller: Complete all Time Trial mode challenges
No Claims Bonus
Adjustment pixel No Claims Bonus: Complete all no collision challenges
Cone Free Zone
Adjustment pixel Cone Free Zone: Hit a total of 100 cones
Get Your Feet Wet
Adjustment pixel Get Your Feet Wet: Complete any dive
Adjustment pixel Earned Mon Dec 31 05:38:56 2018
You're no angel
Adjustment pixel You're no angel: Startle the angel fish
Adjustment pixel Earned Thu Mar 9 06:25:52 2017
Adjustment pixel Legend: Complete all of The London Heist challenges
On The Up
Adjustment pixel On The Up: Complete half of the London Heist challenges
Members Only
Adjustment pixel Members Only: Complete all of the Shooting Gallery challenges
Once Upon A Time In London
Adjustment pixel Once Upon A Time In London: Complete the story of The London Heist
Refined Taste
Adjustment pixel Refined Taste: Find classical music on Mickie’s radio
Ace Pilot
Adjustment pixel Ace Pilot: Complete all Scavengers Odyssey Challenges
Galactic Explorer
Adjustment pixel Galactic Explorer: Complete half of the Scavengers Odyssey Challenges
Adjustment pixel Battle-Hardened: Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 1
Born Scavenger
Adjustment pixel Born Scavenger: Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 2
Death from Above
Adjustment pixel Death from Above: Kill 15 enemies with a single explosive tank whilst jumping
Danger Baller
Adjustment pixel Danger Baller: Complete all of the Danger Ball challenges
Adjustment pixel Hemispherical: Complete half of the Danger Ball challenges
No Contest
Adjustment pixel No Contest: Complete all of the Danger Ball Tournament challenges
Will No One Face Me?
Adjustment pixel Will No One Face Me?: Complete all of the Danger Ball Quickplay challenges
Adjustment pixel Bullseye: Complete all of the Danger Ball Score Attack challenges
Quit Shoving
Adjustment pixel Quit Shoving: Push the guide in the Hub
Adjustment pixel Earned Thu Mar 9 06:59:42 2017
Adjustment pixel Statuesque: Obtain your first statue upgrade
Adjustment pixel Earned Mon Dec 31 05:38:56 2018
Midas Touch
Adjustment pixel Midas Touch: Upgrade all statues to gold
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