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Warface PS4


Warface and Blackwood go up against each other in intense Versus match-ups. And with up to eight players on each side, the action always comes thick and fast
Warface is a Action-game for the   developed by Crytek Studios and published by Crytek Studios.
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Warface: Obtain all trophies in Warface.
Rookie No More
Rookie No More: Complete the Basic Training.
Taste of Greatness
Taste of Greatness: Finish one match of any Versus mode.
United We Stand
United We Stand: Finish one round of Co-op on any difficulty level.
Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades: Complete all class training sessions.
Life On The Battlefield
Life On The Battlefield: Achieve Rank 5.
Heart Of Iron
Heart Of Iron: Achieve Rank 15.
Warrior Within
Warrior Within: Achieve Rank 30.
Military Tycoon
Military Tycoon: Earn 10,000 Warface Dollars.
Long Live The King!
Long Live The King!: Collect 100 crowns.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf: 10 times rank top 3 in Free For All or Bag and Tag quickplay matches.
Crouching Tiger
Crouching Tiger: 10 times rank top 3 in Battle Royal quickplay matches.
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper: Win 10 Team Deathmatch quickplay matches.
Explosive Character
Explosive Character: Win 10 Plant The Bomb or Blitz quickplay matches.
True Conqueror
True Conqueror: Win 10 Capture or Domination quickplay matches.
Heavenly Smite
Heavenly Smite: Win 10 Storm or Destruction quickplay matches.
The Fall of Icarus
The Fall of Icarus: Destroy a Helicopter.
The Bigger They Are
The Bigger They Are: Kill 5 Heavy Gunners.
Best Defence Is Offence
Best Defence Is Offence: Kill 10 Shieldbearers.
Parkour Detour
Parkour Detour: Perform 10 climbs with your teammates in Co-op or Versus.
And Then There Were Three
And Then There Were Three: Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade in Co-op or Versus.
Swept Off The Feet
Swept Off The Feet: Kill 5 enemies while sliding in Versus.
Striker Fury
Striker Fury: Kill 3 enemies in a row in Versus.
Bent But Not Broken
Bent But Not Broken: Perform 10 headshots while knocked down.
Bringer Of Pain
Bringer Of Pain: Inflict 100,000 damage to enemies.
Hawkeye: Kill 100 enemies while aiming.
The Last Hope
The Last Hope: Revive teammates 10 times in Co-op or Versus.
Angel With A Shotgun
Angel With A Shotgun: As a Medic, heal 10,000 HP of teammates in Co-op or Versus.
Shiny Armor
Shiny Armor: As an Engineer, restore 10,000 armor points to teammates in Co-op or Versus.
The Floor Is Lava!
The Floor Is Lava!: Get 30 kills with claymores or mines in Co-op or Versus.
Natural Order
Natural Order: Complete any special operation on Easy difficulty.
Survival Of The Fittest
Survival Of The Fittest: Complete any special operation on Hard difficulty.
Jackal Head
Jackal Head: Complete the Anubis special operation on Normal difficulty.
Tree Climber
Tree Climber: Complete 5 stages in a row in the HQ special operation.
High Ranker
High Ranker: Complete 12 stages in a row iin the HQ special operation.
Stairway To Heavens
Stairway To Heavens: Complete all stages of the HQ special operation.
In The Shadows
In The Shadows: Complete the Blackout special operation on any difficulty.
Overheat: Complete the Earth Shaker special operation on any difficulty.
Demolition Team
Demolition Team: Complete the Black Shark special operationn on any difficulty.