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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr PS4

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

The single player campaign pitches players into a grim and secret war among the stars as the agents of the ever-vigilant Inquisition. After the end of the campaign the story continues in a colossal sandboxed game set in the same secluded sector of this vast universe. This persistent setting grants years of constant entertainment, gradual development and a continuous flow of content that enriches the Action-RPG gameplay.
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is a ActionRPG-game for the   developed by NeocoreGames and published by NeocoreGames.
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For the Emperor
For the Emperor: Earn all Trophies.
Verminslayer: Kill 2500 Horde type enemies.
Reaper: Kill 250 Champion enemies.
Cull the Strong
Cull the Strong: Kill 100 Elite creatures.
Where It Hurts
Where It Hurts: Kill 50 Commander enemies.
Hunter of Hunters
Hunter of Hunters: Kill 5 Boss creatures at Power Rating 1500 or higher.
No Escape
No Escape: Kill 50 enemies while they are in cover.
Grenadier: Kill 1000 enemies with grenade.
Ranged Avenger
Ranged Avenger: Kill 5000 enemies with ranged skills.
Relentless Slaughter
Relentless Slaughter: Kill 5000 enemies with melee kills.
Judge and jury
Judge and jury: Execute 50 enemies (only with Assassin or Crusaider).
Perils of the Warp
Perils of the Warp: Create 100 Warp anomalies (Psyker only).
Sacred Fury
Sacred Fury: Achieve "Killstreak" bonus 30 times.
Blood Sacrifice
Blood Sacrifice: Achieve "Massacre" bonus for the first time.
Death Incarnated
Death Incarnated: Get "Angel of Death" bonus 30 times.
Untouchable: Get "Unbreakable" bonus 30 times.
Veteran of Battles
Veteran of Battles: Complete 50 multiplayer missions.
Couch Warriors
Couch Warriors: Complete a mission in local coop.
Saviour: Revive each other 50 times.
Stalwart Servant
Stalwart Servant: Complete 25 side quests.
No Time Wasted
No Time Wasted: Complete 25 time limited missions.
Invincible: Complete 25 missions without dying.
Uprooting Evil
Uprooting Evil: Complete 5 Priority Assignments.
Perfect Record
Perfect Record: Complete an entire Priority Assignment sequence without dying.
Only War
Only War: Complete a mission at Power Rating 500 or higher.
Relic Hunter
Relic Hunter: Complete 20 Stolen Relics missions without losing a single Reliquary.
Visionary: Complete 10 Tarot missions.
Brother in Arms
Brother in Arms: Join a Cabal.
For the Cabal
For the Cabal: Complete 10 Cabal missions.
Cheating Death
Cheating Death: Deal with 50 traps.
Ordnance Seeker
Ordnance Seeker: Open 100 supply chests.
Demolisher: Blow up 250 explosive containers.
Magos Biologis
Magos Biologis: Use Booster type Inoculator component 250 times.
Chosen Warrior
Chosen Warrior: Equip your firts Relic item.
Technoarcheologist: Craft 25 items.
Forge Lord
Forge Lord: Use the Fusion on a Relic item.
Hero of the Imperium
Hero of the Imperium: Acquire 5000 Fate points.
No Turning Back
No Turning Back: Reach Inquisitorial Rank 20 with at least one character.
Lexico Arcanus
Lexico Arcanus: Learn all the skills from a single Skill tree.
Bibliophiliac: Unlock all Skill trees.
Mechasapient: Research 10 Tech tree upgrades.
Adept of the Lost Arts
Adept of the Lost Arts: Achieve all the cards from the Uther's Tarot.
Glorious: Reach maximum points in a Weekly Glory challenge.
Story Campaign
The Plot Thickens
The Plot Thickens: You have saved Caius Thorn and left the "Martyr".
All Matters Biological
All Matters Biological: You have found Metrodora Thelema.
Servant of the Omnissiah
Servant of the Omnissiah: You have found Omicron Arkh.
Adept of the Lost Arts
Adept of the Lost Arts: You have unlocked Uther's Tarot.
Lord Inquisitor
Lord Inquisitor: You have found Lord Inquisitor Klosterheim.
Questionable Intents
Questionable Intents: You have senteced Klosterheim to death.
A Dedicated Warrior
A Dedicated Warrior: You have released Klosterheim.
Judgement Has Been Served
Judgement Has Been Served: You have killed Flavius Draken.
Radical Methods
Radical Methods: You have released Flavius Draken.
The Key
The Key: You have found the Rosette of Uther Tiberius.
Chamber of Secrets
Chamber of Secrets: You have entered the Stasis Chamber.
There Is No Other Way
There Is No Other Way: You have left the Alpha Pariah with Lord Klosterheim.
Uther's Vision
Uther's Vision: You have left the Alpha Pariah with the Machine Spirit of the "Martyr".
Season 1: Drukhari
The Emperor’s Justice
The Emperor’s Justice: You have made a decision regarding the fate of a Psyker in the service of the Drukhari.
Painkiller: You have sabotaged the Drukhari master plan and destroyed all of the Pain Catalysts.
Deliverance: You have eradicated the Coterie of Dissonance from the Triglav Subsector.
Scourge of the Drukhari
Scourge of the Drukhari: Kill 1000 Dark Eldar enemies.
City of Suffering DLC
Sweet Pain
Sweet Pain: Destroy 100 Pain Catalysts in City of Suffering (DLC required).
Harvester of Pain and Glory
Harvester of Pain and Glory: Reach 1500 Score in City of Suffering (DLC required).