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Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood PS4

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

With his former Caern in danger, Cahal must return to a land he once called home to protect his family and friends, no matter the cost. With the evil corporation Endron besieging them from every side, only you can fight the corruption taking root within your home, using the devastating power of the Werewolf to turn the tide.
  • US February 4, 2021
  • EU February 4, 2021
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon
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Developer: Cyanide
Publisher: Nacon
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  • 26 Trophy bronze icon
  • 15 Trophy silver icon
  • 2 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Adjustment pixel Legend: Unlock all the Trophies
Lone Wolf
Adjustment pixel Lone Wolf: Steal the explosives
Endron’s training facility
Adjustment pixel Endron’s training facility: Take down Endron's training facility
The Dam
Adjustment pixel The Dam: Hack the dam’s power supply
Killed in action
Adjustment pixel Killed in action: Kill Rodko
The Fracking Site
Adjustment pixel The Fracking Site: Raid the Fracking Site
Wyrm’s Payback
Adjustment pixel Wyrm’s Payback: Defend Tarker's Mill
Lost in Umbra
Adjustment pixel Lost in Umbra: Kill Tank Girl
The Viridian State Prison
Adjustment pixel The Viridian State Prison: Infiltrate Viridian State Prison
Shadows of the Impergium
Adjustment pixel Shadows of the Impergium: Get access to Endron's HQ
An unexpected encounter
Adjustment pixel An unexpected encounter: Kill the Red Talon
The Endron Building
Adjustment pixel The Endron Building: Chase Wadkins
Breaking the Litany
Adjustment pixel Breaking the Litany: Face off with Onawa
Mass Exorcism
Adjustment pixel Mass Exorcism: Save Onawa
Two birds one stone
Adjustment pixel Two birds one stone: Kill the Black Spiral Dancers
The Offshore Rig
Adjustment pixel The Offshore Rig: Reach the journey's end
Family Reunion
Adjustment pixel Family Reunion: Kill Aedana
The pack survives
Adjustment pixel The pack survives: Save Ava
This time, it’s personal
Adjustment pixel This time, it’s personal: Kill Richard Wadkins
To the Last Battle
Adjustment pixel To the Last Battle: Finish the game
Spirit of the Fray
Adjustment pixel Spirit of the Fray: Kill 5 enemies with one attack
I hate Exos
Adjustment pixel I hate Exos: Kill 3 Exos
Adjustment pixel Unstoppable: Execute 5 enemies during a fight
Silent Strider
Adjustment pixel Silent Strider: Perform 15 stealth kills
Trick Shot
Adjustment pixel Trick Shot: Destroy 5 cameras with the crossbow
Smoking Barrels
Adjustment pixel Smoking Barrels: Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel
Gaia’s Wrath
Adjustment pixel Gaia’s Wrath: Kill 100 enemies
Gaia’s Fury
Adjustment pixel Gaia’s Fury: Kill 250 enemies
Warrior of Gaia
Adjustment pixel Warrior of Gaia: Complete all side missions to help Gaia
Protect the herd
Adjustment pixel Protect the herd: Complete a mission without killing civilians
Glib Tongue
Adjustment pixel Glib Tongue: Finish an oral confrontation with no Rage increase
Adjustment pixel Short-tempered: Shift to Crinos in the middle of a dialogue
Endurance of Heimdall
Adjustment pixel Endurance of Heimdall: Finish a fight with less than 5% health
Adjustment pixel Athro: Unlock 10 different talents
Knock Knock
Adjustment pixel Knock Knock: Deactivate 5 reinforcement entries
Adjustment pixel Banecrusher: Stealth kill 2 Fomori
Adjustment pixel Sledgehammer: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single Stomp
Down the hatch
Adjustment pixel Down the hatch: Use 10 flasks
Spirits Friend
Adjustment pixel Spirits Friend: Collect all the Spirits in an area
Spirits Guardian
Adjustment pixel Spirits Guardian: Collect all the Spirits
Adjustment pixel Elder: Unlock one of the 4 Ultimate talents
Taming the wolf
Adjustment pixel Taming the wolf: Read 10 stories
Wise Wolf
Adjustment pixel Wise Wolf: Read 20 stories
Born under the Moon
Adjustment pixel Born under the Moon: Read 30 stories