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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PS5

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The story of a militia soldier fighting for survival in a dark fantasy Three Kingdoms world.
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Platform: PlayStation 5 icon
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Developer: Koei Tecmo
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
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Wo Long
Adjustment pixel Wo Long: Obtained all trophies.
At Fifteen I Joined the Army
Adjustment pixel At Fifteen I Joined the Army: Reached Level 15. (15)
Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return
Adjustment pixel Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return: Reached Level 80. (80)
Journey's Beginning
Adjustment pixel Journey's Beginning: Awakened from the sleep of death at the sound of the Blindfolded Boy's voice.
Vow of the Stalwart
Adjustment pixel Vow of the Stalwart: Swore an oath with Zhao Yun.
Will of the Loyal
Adjustment pixel Will of the Loyal: Swore an oath with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
Ambition of the Tiger
Adjustment pixel Ambition of the Tiger : Swore an oath with Sun Jian.
Guardian of Peace
Adjustment pixel Guardian of Peace: Swore an oath with Zuo Ci.
Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero
Adjustment pixel Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero: Swore an oath with Cao Cao.
Mightiest of Men
Adjustment pixel Mightiest of Men: Repelled Lu Bu's forces.
Guidance of the Constellations
Adjustment pixel Guidance of the Constellations: Swore an oath with Lady Zhen.
Adjustment pixel Succession: Swore an oath with Sun Ce and Sun Quan.
Familial Ties
Adjustment pixel Familial Ties: Swore an oath with Hong Jing.
The Steadfast Duo
Adjustment pixel The Steadfast Duo: Swore an oath with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.
Fearless Warrior
Adjustment pixel Fearless Warrior: Swore an oath with Zhang Liao.
Entrusted Legacy
Adjustment pixel Entrusted Legacy: Swore an oath with Lu Bu.
Aspiration and Amity
Adjustment pixel Aspiration and Amity: Swore an oath with Liu Bei.
Dreams of Unity
Adjustment pixel Dreams of Unity: Swore an oath with Yuan Shao.
Annihilator of Evil
Adjustment pixel Annihilator of Evil: Defeated Yu Ji.
Open Eyes
Adjustment pixel Open Eyes: Heard the Blindfolded Boy's decision.
Adjustment pixel Battle-hardened: Dominated 15 sub battlefields. (15)
Hunting the Great Deer
Adjustment pixel Hunting the Great Deer: Dominated all main and sub battlefields. (46)
Adjustment pixel Craftsmanship: Upgraded your first piece of equipment.
Adjustment pixel Keen-edged: Upgraded a weapon to its fullest capacity. (9)
Adjustment pixel Adamantine: Upgraded a piece of armor to its fullest capacity. (9)
All That Glitters
Adjustment pixel All That Glitters: Embedded your first jewel at the Forge.
Decor Maketh the Man
Adjustment pixel Decor Maketh the Man: Decorated your first item at the Forge.
Wizardry Beginner
Adjustment pixel Wizardry Beginner: Learned your first Wizardry Spell.
Wizardry Master
Adjustment pixel Wizardry Master: Learned all Wizardry Spells. (70)
First Phase
Adjustment pixel First Phase: Interacted with the Five Phases for the first time.
Adjustment pixel Unstoppable: Raised Morale Rank to 20 for the first time.
Merit beyond Measure
Adjustment pixel Merit beyond Measure: Received a sworn brothers' boon for the first time.
Great Gatherings
Adjustment pixel Great Gatherings: Joined forces with all available warriors. (17)
Fantastic Form
Adjustment pixel Fantastic Form: Equipped a full 4★ set consisting of: melee weapon, ranged weapon, accessory, and 4 armor pieces.
Pots and Potions
Adjustment pixel Pots and Potions: Upgraded the Dragon's Cure Pot to its greatest capacity and effectiveness. (22)
Adjustment pixel Well-read: Collected all tablets. (31)
Best Flag Forward
Adjustment pixel Best Flag Forward: Raised your first Battle Flag.
Fly It High
Adjustment pixel Fly It High: Raised all Battle Flags. (145)
How Cute!
Adjustment pixel How Cute!: Fed your first Shitieshou.
How Precious!
Adjustment pixel How Precious!: Fed all of the Shitieshou. (23)
Sharp Reflexes
Adjustment pixel Sharp Reflexes: Successfully deflected 10 critical blows. (10)
Vulnerable Moments
Adjustment pixel Vulnerable Moments: Landed 50 Fatal Strikes. (50)
Side by Side
Adjustment pixel Side by Side: Dominated 10 battlefields with a companion. (10)
Eye for an Eye
Adjustment pixel Eye for an Eye: Fended off invaders 10 times. (10)
Righteous Judgment
Adjustment pixel Righteous Judgment: Exacted vengeance 10 times. (10)
Call to Arms
Adjustment pixel Call to Arms: Used 10 Tiger Seals. (10)
Heroes Will Rise
Adjustment pixel Heroes Will Rise: Repelled Xielong in "Centuries of Glory Burned Away."
Staunching Heresy
Adjustment pixel Staunching Heresy: Defeated all Warlocks performing the ritual in "The Valley of Crying Wraiths."
Dogged Justice
Adjustment pixel Dogged Justice: Saved the captured Hermits in "Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch."
Strung Bow
Adjustment pixel Strung Bow: Defeated 5 foes with a ballista in "The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass."
Adjustment pixel Ascension: Gave a certain someone the maximum amount of Golden Cicada Shells. (20)
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