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World of Tanks PS4

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare of the mid-20th century. More than 350 of history’s most iconic tanks, recreated with precise detail, are ready for you to jump into the gunner’s seat and storm the battlefield. Upgrade your vehicle, team up with your crew and roll out across dozens of levels.
World of Tanks is a Action, Free-To-Play-game for the   developed by Wargaming and published by Wargaming.
  • US January 19, 2016
  • EU January 19, 2016
  • JP N/A
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Progression: 0 of 52
Victorious: Collect all trophies in the base game.
Absolute American
Absolute American: Research a tier X American tank.
Absolute German
Absolute German: Research a tier X German tank.
Absolute Russian
Absolute Russian: Research a tier X Russian tank.
Legendary: Research a tier VII tank.
War: Destroy 500 tanks. MP only.
Top Gun
Top Gun: Destroy more enemy vehicles than any player in your team during the battle (at least 6). MP only.
David and Goliath
David and Goliath: Destroy a tank at least two tiers higher than your own. MP only.
'Murica: Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using an American tank. MP only.
Der Rhine Time
Der Rhine Time: Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a German tank. MP Only.
For Mother Russia
For Mother Russia: Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a Russian tank. MP Only.
One Man Army
One Man Army: Earn 2x more XP than the 2nd best player on your team. MP only.
I am a Super Man
I am a Super Man: Block more damage than 2x the hitpoints of your tank. MP Only.
Tank Ace
Tank Ace: Earn the Ace Tanker Mastery Badge.
Steel Wall
Steel Wall: Block more damage than your team after surviving at least 11 hits for 1,000 potential HP. MP Only.
Don't scratch the paint
Don't scratch the paint: Finish a match with 100% health with a potential damage taken of 1000 or more. MP only.
Sniper: Hit at least 85% in 10 or more shots fired and a potential damage of at least 1,000 HP. MP only.
Ranger: Destroy all enemy light tanks during a match, must be 3 or more. MP only.
Tanks With Benefits
Tanks With Benefits: Fully train at least 5 crew perks or skills on one crew member.
Invader: Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base, but not less than 80, 3 times. MP only.
Defender: Reduce the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more, 3 times. MP only.
Right Where I Want You
Right Where I Want You: Immobilize 100 enemies by destroying their treads. MP only.
Medium: Research a tier V tank.
Light Captain
Light Captain: Play 100 matches as a light tank. MP only.
Medium Captain
Medium Captain: Play 100 matches as a medium tank. MP only.
Heavy Captain
Heavy Captain: Play 100 matches as a heavy tank. MP only.
TD Captain
TD Captain: Play 100 matches as a tank destroyer. MP only.
Artillery Captain
Artillery Captain: Play 100 matches as artillery. MP only.
Skilled Commander
Skilled Commander: Train a Commander to 100% on a skill.
Perks of the Job
Perks of the Job: Train a Commander to 100% on a perk.
Top Operative
Top Operative: Complete 8 new operations.
Up to the Challenge
Up to the Challenge: Win in four different Proving Grounds matches.
The Motherland
For Her Majesty
For Her Majesty: Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a British tank. MP Only.
The Muscle
The Muscle: Cause the most damage in a winning Team Destruction match and survive. MP Only.
Show Me The Money
Show Me The Money: Earn more than 100,000 silver in a single match (gross earnings before Ops) and survive.
Distinguished Service
Distinguished Service: Earn a crew promotion of Rank 10 or higher.
Veteran At The Helm
Veteran At The Helm: Destroy 3 or more tanks in a single match with a crew of Rank 8 or higher and survive.
Not in MY house!
Not in MY house!: Destroy 2 enemy tanks trying to capture a friendly base. MP only.
Blind Faith
Blind Faith: Destroy an unspotted (invisible) tank. MP Only.
A God Among Men
A God Among Men: Survive for one minute while detected as the last remaining member of your team. MP Only.
Dressed to Impress
Dressed to Impress: Play in one of each camo locale with camo equipped. MP Only.
Call the Ball
Call the Ball: Request Fire on a target and have it destroyed by an ally within 30 seconds. MP Only.
Preparing for War
Preparing for War: Enter a battle with 3 types of Equipment on a tank. MP Only.
MVP: Have the highest XP of your team and survive. MP only.
Stand By Me
Stand By Me: Survive and win a battle along with one or more platoon mates. MP only.
Friends and Enemies
Friends and Enemies: While in a platoon, destroy an enemy tank that is in a platoon. MP only.
Tank Heroes
World War
World War: Destroy 1000 tanks in multiplayer.
Vive la France
Vive la France: Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single multiplayer match while using a French tank.
Top Shelf
Top Shelf: Research a tier X of each class.
Eyes Peeled
Eyes Peeled: Earn 15 or more spotting assist ribbons during a multiplayer battle
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Play at least five matches Ranked Battles.
Ten by Ten
Ten by Ten: Win and survive ten battles in a tier X.