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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PS4

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is an RPG developed and published by Falcom.
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Falcom and published by Falcom.
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Progression: 0 of 55
Extraordinary Adventurer
Extraordinary Adventurer: Proof that you thoroughly read "Periplus of the Gaete Sea," written by Adol Christin.
Completed Map
Completed Map: Completed the map of the Isle of Seiren.
Item Collector
Item Collector: Achieved 100% Item Collection Rate.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: Achieved 100% Treasure Discovery Rate.
Reliable Adviser
Reliable Adviser: Uncovered all entries in the [People] section of the Journal.
Deserted Island Chef
Deserted Island Chef: Uncovered all entries in the [Cook] section of the Journal.
Skilled Angler
Skilled Angler: Uncovered all entries in the [Fish] section of the Journal.
Monster Expert
Monster Expert: Uncovered all entries in the [Monster] section of the Journal. (Except Primitive Fish)
Material Researcher
Material Researcher: Uncovered all entries in the [Materials and Ingredients] section of the Journal.
Distant Exploration
Distant Exploration: Traveled a total distance of 400 krimelye.
Romantic Explorer
Romantic Explorer: Achieved 100% Location Point Discovery Rate.
Lively Village
Lively Village: Brought all survivors to Castaway Village.
Solid Village
Solid Village: Built all Castaway Village Enhancements.
Precise Orders
Precise Orders: Cleared all Castaway Village Quests.
Star of Castaway Village
Star of Castaway Village: Achieved 100% Approval Rate.
Professional Enhancement Artisan
Professional Enhancement Artisan: Enhanced a weapon to Lv. Max.
Splendid Synthesist
Splendid Synthesist: Synthesized all weapons.
Triple Eight
Triple Eight: Obtained 888 units of a single item.
Beast Buster
Beast Buster: Defeated 2000 or more monsters.
Dino Slayer
Dino Slayer: Defeated 100 dragon-type Ancient Species.
Skill Finisher
Skill Finisher: Performed a Skill Finish 1000 times.
Grand Breaker
Grand Breaker: Activated 1000 Breaks.
Flash Guarder
Flash Guarder: Activated 100 Flash Guards.
Flash Mover
Flash Mover: Activated 100 Flash Moves.
EXTRA Master
EXTRA Master: Activated 100 EXTRA Skills.
Elegant Interception
Elegant Interception: Achieved an S Rank for an Interception.
Historic Interceptor
Historic Interceptor: Cleared all Interceptions.
Omnious Suppressor
Omnious Suppressor: Cleared all Suppression Battles.
Bliss Artisan
Bliss Artisan: Reached Lv. MAX for all skills.
Red-Haired Adventurer
Red-Haired Adventurer: Explored thoroughly with Adol.
Proud Noblewoman
Proud Noblewoman: Explored thoroughly with Laxia.
Openhearted Fisherman
Openhearted Fisherman: Explored thoroughly with Sahad.
Lonely Transporter
Lonely Transporter: Explored thoroughly with Hummel.
Hard-Working Wild Girl
Hard-Working Wild Girl: Explored thoroughly with Ricotta.
Kind Tomboy
Kind Tomboy: Explored thoroughly with Dana.
Prosperous Kingdom
Prosperous Kingdom: Cleared all Eternia Quests.
Fairy Friend
Fairy Friend: Rescued all of the fairies in Eternia.
Roaring Hero
Roaring Hero: Achieved a Reputation of over 200.
Silence Breaker
Silence Breaker: Defeated Mephorashmoo at the <Silent Tower>.
One That Hunts Everything
One That Hunts Everything: Defeated Melaiduma at the <Sanctuary Ruins>.
Nightmare Surpasser
Nightmare Surpasser: Saw the true ending at Nightmare difficulty or higher.
New Adventure
New Adventure: Started a new adventure.
Night on the Gaete Sea
Night on the Gaete Sea: Cleared Prologue - "Night on the Gaete Sea".
The Isle of Seiren
The Isle of Seiren: Cleared Chapter 1 - "The Isle of Seiren".
Coral Reef Forest
Coral Reef Forest: Cleared the <Raised Coral Forest>.
Dark Eroded Valley
Dark Eroded Valley: Cleared the <Eroded Valley>.
The Castaway Banquet
The Castaway Banquet: Cleared Chapter 2 - "The Castaway Banquet".
Surpassing Gendarme
Surpassing Gendarme: Cleared Chapter 3 - "Surpassing Gendarme".
The Lost World
The Lost World: Cleared Chapter 4 - "The Lost World".
Ancient Tilted Tower
Ancient Tilted Tower: Cleared <Baha Tower>.
Fulfilled Ambition
Fulfilled Ambition: Defeated your nemesis, Okeanos.
Maiden of the Great Tree
Maiden of the Great Tree: Cleared Chapter 5 - "Maiden of the Great Tree".
Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea
Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea: Cleared Chapter 6 - "Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea".
Inherited Will
Inherited Will: Cleared <Sanctuary - Final Trial Halll> and learned the true history of Eternia.
End of the Blue Waves
End of the Blue Waves: Cleared Epilogue - "End of the Blue Waves" and saw the true ending.