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Zombie Vikings PS4

Zombie Vikings

Loki just snatched Odin's last magic eye right out of his eye-socket and hastly gangled of with it. Thor and the gods are too busy partying, so blind as a bat, Odin makes a desperate move. He raises four of the most fearsome Zombie Vikings out of Norse soil -- Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa! A putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epicness of worlds to retrieve The Eye and make peace with their rotten pasts.

In the stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon brawler Zombie Vikings, hack through the boiling gingerbread swamps of Molgaga, take a cruise through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent, fight giant troll poultry and find out how Söccer really was invented. From the creators of the indie hit Stick It to The Man! comes this co-op 4 player beat-em-up designed around a dead funny adventure story written by Zach Weinersmith.
Zombie Vikings is a Action, Brawler-game for the   developed by Zoink! and published by Zoink!.
  • US September 2, 2015
  • EU September 2, 2015
  • JP N/A
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Zombies of the Year
Zombies of the Year: Unlock all trophies
Are You Sleeping?
Are You Sleeping?: Have 6 enemies stunned at the same time
Catch!: Kill an enemy with their own projectile
Mid-air Collision
Mid-air Collision: Revive a friend by throwing both parts into each other mid-air
In My Face
In My Face: Defeat an enemy by throwing a friend's head into them
Ball-sense: Catch the same enemy three times without them touching the ground
High Level Tactics
High Level Tactics: Make an enemy bounce on 4 others
Born to Fly
Born to Fly: Keep an enemy airborne for 4 seconds
We Call This Pöng
We Call This Pöng: Strike a frozen enemies back and forth 10 times
Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring: Have all players hold an enemy before it touches the ground
Perks of Being a Zombie
Perks of Being a Zombie: Get revived 50 times
Flattened: Have the crushers defeat 10 enemies
Nice to Beak You
Nice to Beak You: Have Beaknose defeat 10 enemies
Space Butterflies
Space Butterflies: Clear the Tavern Brawl in Richside unscathed
Fowl Play
Fowl Play: Kill an enemy by throwing a chicken at them
Strike!: Hit a frozen enemy into 5 other enemies
Holmgang: Win a duel to the undeath
I Hope It Doesn't Stain
I Hope It Doesn't Stain: Defeat a boss with zombie vomit
Zombiosis: Perform the 4 player charge attack on the stitch zombie
Mighty Blow
Mighty Blow: Kill 3 heavy enemies at the same time
You are Not Supposed to be Here
You are Not Supposed to be Here: Find the super secret developer area
I Can See my House From Here
I Can See my House From Here: Form a zombie tower of 5 with a guest of your choice
They Also Use It on New Years Day
They Also Use It on New Years Day: Escape the fishturd cannon unschathed with 4 players
Go Unicorns!
Go Unicorns!: Win against the Butterflies in Söcker without letting the other team score once
A New Beginning
A New Beginning: Complete the secret Fe dream sequence
Stealth Tactics
Stealth Tactics: Complete the gnome cave without ever being detected
Big Spender
Big Spender: Spend a total of 30.000 gold in the store
House Cure
House Cure: Defeat the Common Cold without hitting him with your sword
Is Such a Thing Even Possible?
Is Such a Thing Even Possible?: Finish the Berzerker Factory without one player touching a conveyor belt
Zombies Roll-Out!
Zombies Roll-Out!: Finish the story!
Master at Arms
Master at Arms: Unlock all weapons
Runemaster: Unlock all runes
A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand: Complete all sidequests in the game
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: Open 25 chests