PS4 PlayStation Plus kicks off with these FREE games

Sony recently celebrated one year of PlayStation Plus. A whopping 64 free games are currently in your PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection if you signed up at the start which would give you games for a value of approximately $1855. In addition Free-To-Play games will not require PlayStation Plus.

For less than $5 per month you will get these features on PS Plus:

• Discounted games
• Cloud saves
• Automatic game updates
• Early access to betas
• Instant game collection
• Online multiplayer

PS Plus shows no sign of stopping and these games will kick off the service on PS4 in the first 12 months:


In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.

Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line being science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.

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Driveclub is a next generation, socially connected racing game that captures the heart and soul of car culture and the passion it creates. Driveclub is a game to play in real clubs. It’s about friendships and rivalries and team-based racing, together in the world’s best supercars on the world’s most breath-taking roads – all rendered in cutting edge next generation graphics.

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Don’t Starve

You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Living in a randomly generated world, Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape.

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Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos is a Western shooter by Switchblade Monkeys. The premise of the game is “What’s Your Head Worth?”. Players create an outlaw (a persistent character) and enter the town of Lonetree – where they instantly have a bounty on their head. Players then engage in battle against others, battles where one will stand and one will fall.

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  1. xino says:

    i buy a £350 NEXT GEN Console and what games am I playing?
    all these damn indie games not taking advantages of the ps4 power are what I will be playing:/

    you’ve got to be kidding me!

    ps10 will come out in a few years time and people will still be releasing 2d indie games:/

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Indies are where new exciting game ideas are coming from, they are willing to take more risks and yes, they are using the full power of the console, just read what SuperGiant Games says.

    • nanotech420 says:

      Minecraft -GO!

    • Jorovas says:

      You’re stupid. Most of the 2d games are way better than these crap 3d games. I’m guessing you’re one of these kids that will not play a game unless its made in 3d. Moron.

    • Russell Gorall says:

      Then don’t play them.

      Outlast looks great. I am glad they put Driveclub up, though it is apparently a bare bones digital edition.

  2. Nick says:

    You don’t actually get Drive Club, you get a stripped down version of it. Bare bones.

    • polski says:

      Actually its not “stripped” down. All the features will be there just less content ie: cars, tracks, possibly single player.

    • Mecrosofht says:

      According to the studio, this version of the racing title includes all the features and mechanics of the regular game, but won’t have the same number of cars or tracks.

      As such, while players can form their own clubs and compete online, they won’t be able to indulge in everything the game can offer.

  3. Nick says:

    Xbone has better day one exclusives with Forza and Dead Rising 3 also. I am not getting one, just stating the facts. Killzone is not looking special in regards to the gameplay, it’s exactly what has gone before. And Drive Club looks average, Forza already has it beat.

    • polski says:

      Driveclub. Average?? Have you not read the articles on the amount of detail there cars have. So after four Forza’s still no weather, day/night cycle. Its next gen why not go all out.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      PS4 rumored to get Dead Rising 3 down the line. Timed exclusive.

    • realmadpuppy says:

      @nick: Yeah, but these are FREE, MS didn’t say you are getting forza and dead rising3 for free with XB Gold. that’s 120.00 you will have to fork over if you want these games for the Xbone.

      For the writer of this article, you forgot to mention “Warframe” a f2p game that doesn’t require you to pay for microtranactions unless you don’t want to grind for them.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      @realmadpuppy This article is about FREE games through PS Plus, not Free 2 Play games. But yes, there are several free to play games coming to PS4!

    • Ravens52 says:

      Woah your not even stating anything that has to do with this article. Ps4 users get those games for FREE… what games do u get on one? Halo 3 and Assassins creed 2 lol.

  4. nanotech420 says:

    This list is OK, i guess,,.. but xbone’s list is gonna blow this out of the water,. right guys.?? (crickets)

    • tarbis says:

      whooo whooo whoooo whooooooooo…….
      croak…. croakkk…..

  5. Ravens52 says:

    Btw those are not better lol. You talk about kno change…dead rising 3 is the epitome of recycled no change games. Microsoft isn’t going to have better exclusives at all lol. Just look at x360 and ps3 its gonna b the same. Microsoft 1.Gears of war 2. Halo. Sony, last of us, god of war,uncharted, killzone, little big planet lol jus to name a few as there are alot more. History will repeat itself in this case like always.

  6. realmadpuppy says:

    @dFUSE: Sorry about that, I was so flabbergasted that at what Nick wrote that I put my own foot in my mouth. :P

    I formerly apologise to the writer but, everything I wrote to Nick stands.

    :) :) :P :0

  7. jd says:

    I laugh at all these kids that mention the Disney land kids as the exclusives for playstation little big planet!! ratchet and clank lmao LAME!! real list here fellas sony, Uncharted, killzone, god of war, last of us and gran turismo Microsoft- halo, fable, gears of war, forza, alan wake both consoles are the same get over it stop with the nerdy fanboyism!

    • realmadpuppy says:

      @jd: what the heck are you talking about? “disney land kids”?

      free plus games just off the top of my head:

      Deus EX
      warhammer 4x
      payday the heist
      saints row the third
      uncharted 3
      XCOM: Enemy Unknown
      just cause 2
      spec ops: the line
      demons souls
      sleeping dogs

      and that is the ones that I can remember.
      so quit your smug whining, because facts are facts!

  8. james says:

    You forgot Warframe. It’s going to be free to ps users day 1!!!

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