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Fallen Legion PS4

Fallen Legion

Players take control of up to four different characters and battle ferocious monsters.

While clashing with rebel armies, you must make split second decisions on how to rule your kingdom. Will you side with the mercenary Prime Legion, palatine Council of Princes or cabalistic March Congress?
Fallen Legion is a ActionRPG-game for the   developed by YummyYummyTummy Inc and published by YummyYummyTummy Inc.
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Fenumia's Finest
Fenumia's Finest: Congratulations! You obtained all of the trophies.
Heir to the Throne
Heir to the Throne: Complete One Life mode.
The Road Home
The Road Home: Complete the first act.
Soul Gourmand
Soul Gourmand: Complete the second act.
Castle Clash
Castle Clash: Complete the third act.
Another Realm
Another Realm: Unlock the epilogue.
Teamwork: Perform a link attack.
Brace Yourself
Brace Yourself: Deflect an enemy attack with a perfect block.
Monster Combo
Monster Combo: Complete a 50-chain combo.
Crazy Combo
Crazy Combo: Complete a 100-chain combo.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: Find a celestial gem or an arcane gem.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer: Trigger break mode while fighting the Volcanic Dragon.
Broken Bloodhammer
Broken Bloodhammer: Trigger break mode while fighting G'ndarak.
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter: Trigger break mode while fighting the Khalecdon Hydra.
Tiger Destruction
Tiger Destruction: Trigger break mode while fighting Menrva.
Poltergeist Punisher
Poltergeist Punisher: Trigger break mode while fighting the Wraith.
The Final Turnabout
The Final Turnabout: Trigger break mode while fighting the final boss.
Pyrrhic Victory
Pyrrhic Victory: Survive a battle with only Princess Cecille standing.
Sensational!: Earn a S-rank in a stage.
The Bloodstained Blade
The Bloodstained Blade: Unlock Chaos Zulfiqar.
The Unbreakable Guardian
The Unbreakable Guardian: Unlock Order Zulfiqar.
The Vengeful Pike
The Vengeful Pike: Unlock Chaos Longinus.
The Devoted Spear
The Devoted Spear: Unlock Order Longinus.
The Voracious Hunter
The Voracious Hunter: Unlock Chaos Apollon.
The Solemn Hermit
The Solemn Hermit: Unlock Order Apollon.
The Blind Arquebus
The Blind Arquebus: Unlock Chaos Winchester.
The Restless Rifle
The Restless Rifle: Unlock Order Winchester.
The Wild Mallet
The Wild Mallet: Unlock Chaos Mjolnir.
The Stout Sentinel
The Stout Sentinel: Unlock Order Mjolnir.
The Volatile Artillery
The Volatile Artillery: Unlock Chaos Dardanelles.
The Tactiurn Cannon
The Tactiurn Cannon: Unlock Order Dardanelles.
Weapon Master
Weapon Master: Master many deathblows.
Two of a Kind
Two of a Kind: Use two of the same Exemplar in battle.
Three's Company
Three's Company: Use three of the same Exemplar in battle.
Truth From Fiction
Truth From Fiction: Defeat the Emissaries of the Hound.
Forbidden Magic
Forbidden Magic: Discover the truth in the Sylene Academy.
Karan's Last Stand
Karan's Last Stand: Explore the Vergone Ruins.
Plague Prevention
Plague Prevention: Prevent the Charred Pox from spreading to Mardeki.
Family Ties
Family Ties: Visit the Pantheon of the Distant Sea.
Prime Legion
Prime Legion: Choose Prime Legion cards 25 times.
Council of Princes
Council of Princes: Choose Council of Princes cards 25 times.
March Congress
March Congress: Choose March Congress cards 25 times.
Tastes Like Burning
Tastes Like Burning: Use the Wildfire spell.
This is Madness
This is Madness: Use the Cassandra's Lunacy spell.
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