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PlayStation Mania might be forged in the cold winters of the north, but we're all about that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from your favorite time sink. I'm a guy whom through several iterations have brought you what we believe are interesting things concerning games whether it be reviews, cool infographics, trophy lists or oceans of game-related media. With the help of some devoted friends I've been able to do this next to my full time occupations and other challenges that life brings, and all for good fun.

Dip your toes into our realm, and if you like what you see, throw yourself at it. We have news, trophy lists, reviews, screenshots, trailers, interviews, features, let's play videos, giveaways and more. I also appreciate feedback on what you want to see here, what you want to see improved or even what you want to see go. You can find the relevant information below and don't be shy about contacting me. I'm always looking for talent, so if you want to write about games or review them get in touch.

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