Questions and answers

Got questions? Maybe we can answer them. Here’s a few you might have.

#1: How do I add my PSNID to my profile?
First of all: You need a profile. Register for the site, log in and then edit your settings. There’s a field there for PSNID.

#2: My trophy profile suggest I verify my PSNID. How and why?
By verifying your PSNID we confirm your ownership of the PSNID. We don’t ask for username or password, but per the instructions on the Trophyprofile you need to add a code to your About Me field on PSN. This is what we’ll be looking for. Verifying your PSNID grants you an automatic daily update + manual update whenever you want.

#3: On the old site I could update once a day. Where is the button? How often does my profile autoupdate?
See #2. We now give that privilege to users who verify their account. It’s an easy and quick process. Unverified users will be updated monthly.