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AR Combat Digi Q: Friend Tank Battalion Vita

AR Combat Digi Q: Friend Tank Battalion

AR Combat Digi Q is based off Konami's infrared mini vehicle series Digi Q, which was first released in 2001.

This Vita adaptation of Digi Q is an online combat game where you control radio controlled vehicles using the Vita's dual analogue sticks. As indicated by the "AR" in the name, the game will use Vita's Smart AR technology, allowing you to set your battles against whatever backdrop you like.

AR Combat Digi Q will be released as a download exclusive title. Konami says that it will have ad-hoc wireless support.
  • US N/A
  • EU N/A
  • JP December 17, 2011
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Platform: PlayStation Vita icon

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
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