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Armored Core for Answer PS3

Armored Core for Answer

Armored Core: for Answer is a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the 13th installment of From Software's Armored Core series. Armored Core For Answer is the sequel to Armored Core 4, and takes place over a decade later. Massive weapons called Arms Forts are the main adversaries in the game. They are extremely large (some several kilometers long) fortress type weapons with limited mobility.
AC customization has been changed from the previous Armored Core title, with a new interface and many new parts not found in Armored Core 4. Online mode returns with a new co-operative mode alongside the player versus mode. Gameplay enhancements included a power increase for both Quick Boost and Over Boost, as well as an auxiliary high speed booster known as Vanguard Over Boost (VOB). All parts carried over from the previous game have had their parameters altered, much like the transition between previous series instalments Silent Line and Nexus. The on-screen HUD can now be changed to any of 20 colors. There are now 442 FRS tuning points available to unlock, which is an increase from the 300 (PS3) and 337 (XBOX360) FRS points available in AC4. Maps are much larger and more detailed including environment damage such as collapsing buildings. The game also features multiple endings with three different possible plot branches available depending on your actions and decisions in the game.
  • US September 16, 2008
  • EU October 1, 2008
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: From Software
Publisher: Ubisoft
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