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Clannad PS3


Clannad is a famous name in an infamous genre. The genre, often referred to as “dating sims”, is usually about meeting people (often girls) and trying to develop positive relationships with them while an interesting story unfolds both as a result of your relationships and sometimes simply as a background story to drive the motivation. The more notorious of the games in this genre tend to reward the player’s efforts towards maintaining good relationships with scenes of a sexual nature, but most of them (especially ones on consoles) do not. Instead, the reward is more story. As a result, the stories tend to be pretty good in this type of game.

Two of the first meeting, the only words exchanged just a little bit of each other will feel saved, start up the hill alone. 登Renakatta.
The story starts from there, while people living in the city wraps its warmth, we will continue into the future.
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  • JP April 21, 2011
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Prototype
Publisher: Prototype
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