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Dream Club Zero: Special Edition PS3

Dream Club Zero: Special Edition

You have received a membership card from the Dream Club and is invited to the drinking and karaoke parties with the girls. Talk to them, gain their affection and go out on dates with them. You have one year to develop a romantic relationship with them. The Special Edipyon! version comes with all the events that the developers weren't able to pack into the Complete Edipyon.

The game takes place five months before the events in Complete Edipyon. Besides the original 10 host girls, three new girls Haruka, Nonono and Asuka join the cast. New mini games include writing messages with ketchup on omlette rice and feeding the girls with bananas. If you have cleared certain stages, you can request songs during the karaoke sessions.
Dream Club Zero: Special Edition is a Simulation-game for the   developed by D3 Publisher and published by D3 Publisher.
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  • JP January 17, 2013
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