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Ender of Fire PS4

Ender of Fire

Ender of Fire is side-scrolling 3D Fantasy Action RPG game. A year has passed since 30 years of Forest War between Zentilus Kingdom of Human Tribe and Dyers Alliance of Elf tribe ended by an agreement of truce. The Beast tribes, the allied forces of the Elf showed strong combat power during this war and played a critical role of long term war. Both Human and Elf tribes were afraid of the Beast, which caused ceasefire between the Human and the Elf. Individual small tribes of the Beast that did not have unified nation system became common target of the Human and The Elf's attack. Contrary to being considered easy target, the Beast stayed strong. There were constant small battles here and there in the continent. People who had been waiting for peace after ceasefire were getting tired due to continuous battles. A mercenary group known as the Bloodyshield had built a reputation of fighting against the Beast tribe during Forest War. Even after ceasefire, the BloodyShield has been requested by the Human and the Elf both to fight the Beast continuously. The BloodyShield has found out 'The Eldersā€˜ are leaders of the BEAST and has realized defeating the Elders is the only way of ending this cursed war.
  • US N/A
  • EU July 8, 2015
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 4 icon

Developer: Xiness Games
Publisher: Xiness Games
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