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Ikki Online PS3

Ikki Online

A group of farmers from a poor-village in medieval Japan attempt to start a rebellion against their oppressive feudal overlord for their independence. However, only a pair of farmers ends up participating, so it's up to them and them alone to fight through the overlord's entire ninja army.

[Ikki Online] (いっき おんらいん) is a remake of the 1985 arcade classic and NES port (Farmers Rebellion) specifically remade as downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. The title of the game literal means "Rain Temperature" which is in reference to the fact the main protagonists of the game are simply farmers.The most notable feature of this remade version is most certainly the online mode which allows up to 12 people to play simultaneously and compete in numerous modes.

The game itself is played from the top-down scrolling perspective and is mostly of the action shooter variety. It can either be played in NES-style graphics with the originally re-mastered sound or in the performance enhanced PS3 remake mode taking full advantage of the graphical boost which generates a modern interpretation of the game to play from . Development of the game begin shortly after another development team had recently re-mastered the NES classic (Everyone Spelunker), they were crucial in helping transition the game to it's new format, and were also vital in compile the trophy list for the game as well.
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  • JP June 29, 2010
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
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