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The Bread Pub Brawlers PS4

The Bread Pub Brawlers

In a remote village during the 1800's, local Pubs fight for patrons using Bread that have been animated through a special ingredient called the Spice of Life.

These enigmatic baked goods now roam the streets and pubs, often scaring customers away rather than enticing them.

Brawl with up to 8 (max 4 human) opponents for Fun and Profit in Pubs of all sorts with your own baked Bread Brawlers! Earn and save Dough to pay off your Tabs; unlocking more Ingredients for you to customize your Brawler with
The Bread Pub Brawlers is a Brawler-game for the   developed by NiKo MaKi and published by NiKo MaKi.
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