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Cabela\'s Survival: Shadows of Katmai PS3

Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai

Encounter the Arctic's deadliest creatures in an epic struggle for survival in Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai. Packed with the game-changing Top Shot Elite controller, gamers will face non-stop challenges and the ride of a lifetime through the daunting Alaskan wilderness in an effort to complete a mysterious mission.
Witness the drama unfold as players take the role of bush pilot Logan James after he survives a horrific plane crash that leaves him in a remote corner of the Alaskan high country. Injured, isolated and in the middle of a hostile wilderness, Logan is cut off from all hope of rescue and it's up to players to guide him to safety in his epic battle against deadly predators and the frigid elements of nature.
With nothing but firearms and gear scavenged along the way, players will trek through a variety of hostile environments that include mountain peaks, icy cliff side trails, dense forests, frozen rivers and huge uncharted caverns. In order to stay alive in such harsh terrain, players will have to keep their wits about them and use all their survival skills. Every step might be their last as avalanches and snowstorms are compounded with dangerous predators that want nothing more than to eat them for dinner. As if that isn't enough to worry about, starvation is an ever looming problem. Survive, evade, and hunt through one of the most remarkable adventures ever to be released under the Cabela's brand.
  • US November 1, 2011
  • EU November 18, 2011
  • JP N/A
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Platform: PlayStation 3 icon

Developer: Activision
Publisher: Activision
  • 8 Trophy bronze icon
  • 13 Trophy silver icon
  • 6 Trophy gold icon
  • 1 Trophy platinum icon
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Master of Survival
Adjustment pixel Master of Survival: Unlocked all Trophies
The True Adventurer
Adjustment pixel The True Adventurer: Finished Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting
Pro Challenger
Adjustment pixel Pro Challenger: Won 15 challenges in Shooting Galleries
Gold All The Way
Adjustment pixel Gold All The Way: Obtained gold medals in all of the Quick Draw Shooting Galleries
Latch Master
Adjustment pixel Latch Master: Hunted four animals in latching situations in Story Mode
Shooting Galleries Expert
Adjustment pixel Shooting Galleries Expert: Obtained gold medals in all of the Survival Shooting Galleries
Hunting For Gold
Adjustment pixel Hunting For Gold: Obtained gold medals in all of the Trek Shooting Galleries
The Pro Adventurer
Adjustment pixel The Pro Adventurer: Finished Story Mode on the Medium difficulty setting
Adjustment pixel Hangman: Hunted 20 targets while hanging in Story Mode
Focus Master
Adjustment pixel Focus Master: Hunted 20 animals using Focus Shot in Story Mode
Pro Hunter
Adjustment pixel Pro Hunter: Finish three hunts in Story Mode
Latch Proficient
Adjustment pixel Latch Proficient: Hunted three animals in latching situations in Story Mode
Adjustment pixel Survivor: Hunted 30 animals in a row without dying in Story Mode
Down Bear, Down!
Adjustment pixel Down Bear, Down!: Hunted three bears in Story Mode
Cat Dominator
Adjustment pixel Cat Dominator: Hunted four cougars in Story Mode
Practiced Challenger
Adjustment pixel Practiced Challenger: Won 10 challenges in Shooting Galleries
Hunt 10 With Semi Auto Rifle
Adjustment pixel Hunt 10 With Semi Auto Rifle: Hunted 10 animals with the semi auto rifle in Story Mode
Getting Down
Adjustment pixel Getting Down: Landed the plane without hitting any obstacles
Latch Them Down
Adjustment pixel Latch Them Down: Hunted five animals in latching situations in Shooting Galleries
The Story’s Taking Shape
Adjustment pixel The Story’s Taking Shape: Gathered 15 collectable elements in Story Mode
Hunt 30 With Bolt
Adjustment pixel Hunt 30 With Bolt: Hunted 30 animals with the bolt-action rifle in Story Mode
Hunt 20 With Shotgun
Adjustment pixel Hunt 20 With Shotgun: Hunted 20 animals with the shotgun in Story Mode
Hunt 20 With Handgun
Adjustment pixel Hunt 20 With Handgun: Hunted 20 animals with the handgun in Story Mode
Novice Challenger
Adjustment pixel Novice Challenger: Won five challenges in Shooting Galleries
Getting The Hang Of It
Adjustment pixel Getting The Hang Of It: Hunted two animals in latching situations in Story Mode
Focus Novice
Adjustment pixel Focus Novice: Hunted 10 animals using Focus Shot in Story Mode
Keep Them Off
Adjustment pixel Keep Them Off: Successfully repelled 10 animals using melee attacks in Story Mode
A Good Explorer
Adjustment pixel A Good Explorer: Finished the Story Mode on Easy difficulty setting
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