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Skylanders SuperChargers PS4

Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylands is in peril! Kaos has unleashed his most evil weapon yet — the Doom Station of Ultimate Doomstruction. All of Skylands stands on the verge of collapse, and a special team, called the SuperChargers, has been assembled to pilot an unstoppable fleet of incredible vehicles. Now you and the SuperChargers must pilot these powerful vehicles over land, under sea, and through the sky to stop Kaos and save Skylands!
Skylanders SuperChargers is a Adventure-game for the   developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision.
  • US September 20, 2015
  • EU September 20, 2015
  • JP N/A
  • 31
  • 5
  • 4
  • 1
Progression: 0 of 41
SuperCharged: Earn all other trophies
Eon's Elite
Eon's Elite: Complete Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty
Jail Break
Jail Break: Beat The Rift to Skylands on any difficulty
Sock Sniffer
Sock Sniffer: Beat The Cloudbreather's Crag on any difficulty
Cloud Kingdom Clearer
Cloud Kingdom Clearer: Beat The Cloud Kingdom on any difficulty
Back Where You Belong
Back Where You Belong: Beat Land of the Undead on any difficulty
Brawl to the Wall
Brawl to the Wall: Beat Battlebrawl Island on any difficulty
Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power: Beat The Spell Punk Library on any difficulty
Yard Work
Yard Work: Beat Gadfly Glades on any difficulty
Chicken Bites
Chicken Bites: Beat Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ on any difficulty
Vacation Getaway
Vacation Getaway: Beat Monstrous Isles on any difficulty
Demolition Derby
Demolition Derby: Beat Ridepocalypse Demo Derby on any difficulty
Power of Attraction
Power of Attraction: Beat Vault of the Ancients on any difficulty
Raiding the Raiders
Raiding the Raiders: Beat The Bandit Train on any difficulty
Best Driver in Skylands
Best Driver in Skylands: Earn all Land vehicle stars
Light Giver
Light Giver: Defeat The Darkness on any difficulty
Dime: Reach Portal Master Rank 10
Quarter: Reach Portal Master Rank 25
Quarter, Nickel, Dime
Quarter, Nickel, Dime: Reach Portal Master Rank 40
Pair of Quarters and a Nickel
Pair of Quarters and a Nickel: Reach Portal Master Rank 55
Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes
Pair of Quarters, Pair of Dimes: Reach Portal Master Rank 70
Perfect Pair
Perfect Pair: Defeat an enemy while SuperCharged
Ready to Roll
Ready to Roll: Equip your first Mod
Check Out My Ride
Check Out My Ride: Equip 3 different Mods on one vehicle
Mod Master
Mod Master: Collect 4 vehicle Mods
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey: Fully upgrade a vehicle
Horn Honker
Horn Honker: Honk your first vehicle horn
Wanna Race?
Wanna Race?: Complete a Race level
Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can: Come in 1st place in any Race level on any difficulty
Pole Position
Pole Position: Come in 1st place in any Race level on each difficulty
Road Trip
Road Trip: Enter a vehicle in Co-Op mode
The Real Collector
The Real Collector: Collect 43 Skystones
Skystones Savant
Skystones Savant: Win 15 Games of Skystones: Overdrive
Feng Shui
Feng Shui: Have at least 5 active Legendary Treasures in the Academy at once
Archaeologist: Collect 10 Legendary Treasures
Live Wire Locksmith
Live Wire Locksmith: Solve 15 Live Wire Lock puzzles
Gold Standard
Gold Standard: Earn 6 gold Emblems
Ooh, Shiny
Ooh, Shiny: Achieve gold on 12 Emblems
Hugo's Hero
Hugo's Hero: Complete 10 quests given by Hugo
Tessa's Traveler
Tessa's Traveler: Complete 10 quests given by Tessa
Driver's Ed
Driver's Ed: Fully complete a Driver quest from Buzz
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