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Ys: Memories of Celceta PS3

Ys: Memories of Celceta

Become the red-haired adventurer Adol Christine and explore the the vast unexplored regions of the Forest of Seruseta.
Ys: Memories of Celceta is a Role-playing game-game for the   developed by Falcom and published by XSEED.
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  • EU N/A
  • JP September 27, 2012
  • 40
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Progression: 0 of 52
Timeless Adventurer
Timeless Adventurer: Acquired all trophies.
Master Cartographer
Master Cartographer: Completed the Map of Celceta.
Memories Unfogged
Memories Unfogged: Restored all lost memories.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter: Opened every treasure chest.
Stupendous Scavenger
Stupendous Scavenger: Discovered every resource point.
All the Things
All the Things: Acquired at least one of every item.
Monster Meister
Monster Meister: Filled out all monster details in journal.
Material Boy
Material Boy: Filled out all material details in journal.
Philanthropist: Successfully completed every quest.
Wordless Affinity
Wordless Affinity: Befriended all animals.
Mishy Masher
Mishy Masher: Found all of Mishy's hiding spots.
Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades: Mastered every skill.
Only the Best Will Do
Only the Best Will Do: Enhanced a weapon or armor to its limit.
Money For Something
Money For Something: Amassed one million gold.
Sea of Trees Unbroken
Sea of Trees Unbroken: Cleared all obstructed paths.
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink: Endured all of Zara's tickle sessions.
Heard It All
Heard It All: Purchased every piece of info from Mouse.
Touche, Salesman
Touche, Salesman: Proved your skill as a merchant.
Trails in the Mud
Trails in the Mud: Walked an extraordinary total distance.
Valorous Vanquisher
Valorous Vanquisher: Defeated two thousand enemies.
Impenetrable: Successfully used Flash Guard fifty times.
Now You See Me
Now You See Me: Successfully used Flash Move fifty times.
Things Are Looking Up
Things Are Looking Up: Achieved one thousand Aerial Combos.
When You Got It
When You Got It: Achieved five hundred Skill Finishes.
Cunning Strategist
Cunning Strategist: Achieved five hundred Excellent Kills.
Gold Hunter
Gold Hunter: Defeated a rare golden foe.
Lord of the Jungle
Lord of the Jungle: Defeated the ruler of the Great Forest.
Swordsman Extraordinaire
Swordsman Extraordinaire: Played extensively as Adol.
Well-Traveled Informant
Well-Traveled Informant: Played extensively as Duren.
Master Huntress
Master Huntress: Played extensively as Karna.
Terrific Tribal Chief
Terrific Tribal Chief: Played extensively as Ozma.
Apostle for the Ages
Apostle for the Ages: Played extensively as Calilica.
Enchanting Storyteller
Enchanting Storyteller: Played extensively as Frieda.
In Search of Lost Memories
In Search of Lost Memories: Began your adventure in Celceta.
Mine Raider
Mine Raider: Successfully rescued the trapped miners.
Proof of Life
Proof of Life: Discovered a settlement in the Great Forest.
Homecoming For Some
Homecoming For Some: Solved the mystery of the missing villagers.
Pure Waters
Pure Waters: Resolved the polluted river dilemma.
Closer to the Truth
Closer to the Truth: Successfully arrived in the Primeval Lands.
White Wings
White Wings: Reunited with Eldeel at the Tower of Providence.
A Storied Village
A Storied Village: Located the underground village of Danan.
Lost Kingdom
Lost Kingdom: Arrived in the ruined capital, Elduke.
Mask In Hand
Mask In Hand: Acquired both halves of the Mask of the Sun.
Beyond Lies Your Goal
Beyond Lies Your Goal: Opened the door to the Temple of the Sun.
The Darkling Ordeal
The Darkling Ordeal: Overcame Gruda's trial.
Adventurer: Completed the main story.
Better Man
Better Man: Defeated Duren in one-on-one combat.
Waking Dream
Waking Dream: Cleared the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Reckless Abandon
Reckless Abandon: Defeated a boss in Time Attack in thirty seconds or less.
Like the Wind
Like the Wind: Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage.
The Strongest Pro
The Strongest Pro: Conquered Boss Rush.
Untouchable: Conquered Boss Rush without a single retry.
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