Sizing up the console war – PS4 & Xbox One dimensions revealed

While we eagerly await the official reveal of the PS4’s dimensions at the upcoming E3 press conference in June, here’s how we came up with the toughest competitor’s physical console size. The approximate size of the Xbox One was calculated by using the width of the USB port on the back and side of the console. You can then extrapolate the total dimensions of the box and if you thought it looked rather big, you weren’t wrong. It’s actually both wider and longer than the original Xbox 360 and also longer than the PS3 Fat.

UPDATE: Added real-life images + PS4.

Sizing up the console war - PS4 & Xbox One dimensions revealed

  1. betrion says:

    beautiful work, thank you!

  2. Chaosritter says:

    Can you add the original XBOX to the picture? A decade ago it was considered humongous, but now it looks quite moderate in comparison.

  3. Dylan says:

    How about adding both PS2 designs and the original Xbox too?

  4. Dave says:

    Just a thought, but it may be that it’s to have the same footprint as a standard DVD player, satellite/cable box, etc. to make it ‘fit’ in the living room better?

  5. Erik says:

    PS4 dimensions (official data from Sony): 275x53x325 mm WxHxD

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Nice catch! I’ll add it asap!

    • Erik says:

      Small mistake, it’s Width x Height x Length (not Depth)! Sorry about that!

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Hehe yep, I noticed that, what did you think of the PS4 design btw? It’s around the same size as the PS3 first slim, which sounds like a good size to me.

    • Erik says:

      I like the design, both on PS4 and Xbox ONE. To be honest, I never was a big fan of any of the PS3 designs (I own the first one myself + 360 slim).
      Both of these new consoles seems to fit better in a TV-table or media “rack”.

  6. Olmar says:

    you should add the New super slim PS3 and Xbox 360

  7. Dan says:

    I think you may have the PS4s length and width the wrong way round. I’m assuming that the length has been used as the distance between the front (disk tray) and rear (power/video sockets) – these are the slanted areas on the PS4 – and the width is the distance between the left and the right ends (assuming the previous to be true).
    The top down image you have of the PS4 should be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise to fall in line with the other images showing the disk tray at the bottom of the image.

  8. Adinnieken says:

    Can you include the Xbox 360 E dimensions?

  9. ssub-zzero says: teardown
    Xbox 360E dimensions
    10.38 x 10 x 2.63 inches
    26.3652 x 25.4 x 6.6802 cm

  10. Sockatume says:

    Why are the Xboxes upside down?

  11. Gregory Howard says:

    Any word on the kinect 2.0 size and dimensions

  12. typhon says:

    I noticed this chart is not complete, and yet no one bothred noting the Wii an Wii-u are not on this.

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