Chronicles Pack – The last DLC for Metro: Last Light is out

Featuring three new solo missions that run parallel to the main story, Chronicles is the last of 3 DLC packs for Metro: Last Light. You can grab it for 4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 or as part of the season pass.

Discover how Anna, the unflinching Polis Sniper, tried and failed to rescue Artyom from the Reich forces in the ruined botanical gardens. Put the irrepressible Pavel’s deadly skills and ingenuity to the test as he attempts to escape the Bandit Lair beneath Venice. And guide Khan and Ulman through the forgotten, haunted tunnels of Polyanka in a chilling supernatural tale that reveals a dark secret from Khan’s mysterious past.”

The fan made Multi Barreled Bicycle Shotgun is also included, so go shoot some mutants after watching the trailer below.



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