Official Playstation App out now on Google Play and iTunes

Take your PlayStation experience with you on your mobile device with the new PlayStation App. Always be ready to game with features that keep you connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play. Push games from PlayStation Store to your PS4 system and be ready to game at home.

Download on Google Play or iTunes

With the PlayStation App installed on your mobile device, you can:

• See what your friends are playing, compare trophies, and view your profile or recent activity.

• Chat, receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4 system.

• Browse PlayStation Store and then push games to your PS4 system so they are ready when you get home.

• Take advantage of the in-app second-screen features, when available, for greater challenges and control.

• Quickly access PlayStation system guides, manuals and PlayStation.Blog.


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