Until Dawn might turn out as a Project Morpheus game

The last thing I saw of Until Dawn was a teenage girl giving a guy a naughty look and the slightest hint of a possible undressing, so in that sense it seemed like a game well grounded in the teen horror genre which it’s supposed to be. But the game has been dipping on and off the radar since its announcement in 2012, so Brian Crecente of Polygon checked in with Shuhei Yoshida during GDC to maybe confirm some rumors about its future. What Shuhei could confirm was that the game was still in development, and that Project Morpheus would be a good fit for this type of game.

That would be very interesting, because it’s a horror game, and the people are tweeting to me, ‘I want to play Outlast in Morpheus.’ I think that’s, in terms of genre, that’s a really good fit. If you really want to make serious games for Morpheus, the game design would be really, really different.Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony World Wide Studios

[OPM via Polygon]

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