You’ll be surprised how few gamers actually finished Alien: Isolation

Alien: IsolationAlien: Isolation is a fantastic game. Creative Assembly managed to craft such an atmospheric and believable environment onboard Sevastopol that actually might be too tense and unbearable. The claustrophobic interiors of the space station together with the constant threat from the xenomorph and androids will make you truly terrified at times.

Sure you have your handy ’78 motion tracker and a couple of other craftable gadgets and gear but that won’t stop the horrific screeches and scrapes in the walls around you signaling imminent horror or most likely brutal death. Or both. The Save system only adds to the tension in the game, making you locate and manually save your progress. At least you don’t have to find consumable items like in Resident Evil in order to save the game!

So maybe it shouldn’t come as such a big surprise, but only 15.4% of gamers playing the game on PS3 or PS4 have finished it as seen on the currently rare trophy called “Ripley, Signing Off”.

Pro-tip: Just imagine that the Alien is your cuddly pet called Stan. Trust me, it works!

You'll be surprised how few actually finished Alien Isolation - Was the game too good

  1. Boudi1989 says:

    That’s not good. A challenging game is a good thing but a game that only 15% of players beat? that’s poor design.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      It’s a fine line right there, on one side I applaud them for making the game as long as it is but perhaps the gameplay could have been mixed up with something else. I’m pretty sure if we’ll see a sequel it will be shorter, for good and bad.

  2. mick says:

    bit flawed when played on hard but game of the year on normal difficulty. awesome.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      I also lowered the difficulty settings while playing it, and now I’m loving every minute of it.

  3. THWIP71 says:

    Played it for about 4 hrs, and got bored with it…never went back.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      It’s not for everyone that’s for sure, but I really think you should go back to it. Just to finish the story if there will be a sequel… Aliens!

  4. godmules says:

    Game is awesome you just dont have the time to be scared, Sorry its not COD. The ending may be okay but game play is great. I play all types of gamping and this one is out standing to the story and art. Horror games are hard to make and i dont scare that easy. This game had me at the edge of my seat. Next for me is another Horror game after i get my Starwars fix

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Yeah, they sure pulled the anxiety-feeling off and man the game looks so good. When you use the motion tracker and the background goes blurry (bokeh!) it’s some of the prettiest in-game graphics I’ve ever seen.

  5. Trogbane says:

    You werent onboard the Nostromo, you were on Sevastapol.

    Game was incredibly fun. A bit predictable, but i think they were mostly going for nostalgia in parts that were a lull. Helps a ton if youve seen the original Alien film before playing. Nightmare mode is a blast

  6. Dirk says:

    The question with the number becomes “Why did only 15.4% finish the game?” – Were they too scared to finish or did they simply become tired of trying to finish the game because it was too hard?

  7. DD says:

    Started out strong, but got very dull and overly repetitive, I quit it half way through not because of dificulty but because I was bored. Just a bunch of going from point A to B to turn on a switch, then Back to A to open a door, then Back to B to turn something else on, then Back To A now you get to go to area C to Turn on yet another switch, now go to B and find a battery. You just keep doing these Fetch-It missions in the same areas. it got very stale, stuck with it as long as I could bare it but ended up just deleting it off my PC as it was no fun. Did not find it difficult other than sometimes not knowing where the hell I was supposed to go as map does not tell you what floor the marker is at.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Well that’s interesting. For me the super detailed environments and the story is keeping my going and I’m on the edge of my seat.

  8. Rob says:

    This game is a credit to the developers it isn’t no easy feat and from the very beginning it will test your patience but stay with it even learn from it,( as the AI is superb) and you will reep the rewards of a fantastic well thoughtout classic franchise.

  9. Jamie says:

    As an avid trophy hunter, this isn’t that surprising. Most games only have a small percentage of the total number actually complete them, the number above would also be even smaller due to those who either didn’t play online or never synced their trophies.

    I remember only last year a few developers revealed how little the amount of players who actually complete the entire game actually was, so in this case for a game that was mainly criticised for how long it actually was, this isn’t that surprising.

    • hzd says:

      So 15% of people who bought it have 10 pairs of soiled under garments, the rest whimped out.

      Yeah it was long but once you’ve got so far there is no turning back, if it was shorter many would have complained it was too short.

      Its not that its too hard its just the face it was not a run n gun shooter that appeals to the mass gaming market, I bet 10% or more of the people who finished it are fans of the franchise, the rest are CoD kiddies

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      I really hope this franchise doesn’t go the way of Dead Space, ie more shooting and even co-op. I do however wonder what the devs think about the fact that so few people actually finished it and what they can do better next time.

  10. fadhil says:

    Im scared out of my bones from just 2 hrs of gameplay,it took me about 2 months to finish half of the game…………..iys probably because i gotta go to school:'(

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Haha yeah, but that’s not too bad, it’s that kind of game you need to take breaks in between session to cool down :)

  11. Tomulasthepig says:

    Just finished, took 6.5 months, on easy. Sigh…

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