Color-Corrected Nathan Drake leaves uncanny valley behind – Looks photorealistic

This color-corrected image of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is probably the most realistic in terms of lifelike game graphics we’ve seen so far. The tech behind the face also allows for very detailed facial expressions and judging from the gameplay video the character model will also be able to flow smoothly in-between animations. What do you think about this photorealistic Drake?

Color-Corrected Nathan Drake leaves uncanny valley behind - Looks photorealistic

Color-Corrected Nathan Drake leaves uncanny valley behind - Looks photorealistic 2

  1. dFUSE Bård A. Johnsen says:

    Them pores…

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Yeah poor Nathan being scrutinized in High Definition. Somebody dim the lights!


      TBH he doesn’t look impressive at all. It’s easier to create models with the eyes closed. Very unrealistic because those pores don’t breath and hairs don’t move. Wake me up when games will have character models with swaying hairs and breathing pores.

    • DarkOcelet says:

      We need to see him in gameplay motions, not just in touched up renderings or cut scenes.

    • NOT a corporate C**K S**KER says:

      @GRIBBLEGRUNGER looool you fanboys are disillusion. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know (sarcasm) that the hairs do in fact sway depending on the velocity and direction of the wind. Even his chest hairs. This is something which is impossible to show in a still image, so troll harder.

    • MARK CERNY'S SMALL C0*K says:

      Yea , still images are lame … give us gameplay footage with the same quality of that character, then you can say something to proud of. Otherwise it’s just typical marketing bullshots…

  2. TJ Logan TJ Logan says:

    Uncharted 4 is going to the optimum game ever created. I don’t see anyone but Naughty Dog that can’t top this game once it is release for years to come. It has been 4 years which is far too long to wait but truth of the matter is I am glad they waited Last of us was an amazing game but Uncharted 4 will be keep PlayStation and Sony at the top for years to come thanks to best game company ever Naughty Dog.

    • dFUSE dFUSE says:

      Well said, I wonder what they will do after Uncharted 4 though, The Last of Us 2 might be a candidate… Or something completely different.

      Also it will be interesting to see how the new exclusive Tomb Raider holds up!

    • TJ Logan TJ Logan says:

      I read that they have considered The Last of Us 2. But some wanted it to be just 1 game not a series. But I loved the game the suspense was amazing. I had it for PS3 and it was the first game I got for PS4. I think that The Last of Us 2 should be the next game even one of the guys who left the company said he had worked on The Last of Us 2 on his LinkedIn page a few months ago what got me to thinking about what the other half of the company who made The Last of Us is doing since the 2 leads are working on Uncharted 4. With that idea in mind they also said in an interview that they had a few new ideas for games I do wonder what those games are about.

  3. andy says:

    @dFUSE Do you mean the Tomb Raider that is also coming to 360? Guess what, it won’t hold up well but at least they and Xbots have an excuse already why it won’t hold up. Now if its running at 900p on Xbone also, while looking unimpressive in every way, that ALSO won’t be acknowledged.

  4. dave says:

    who cares about graphics. They were off and then you’re left with the gameplay. And as much as i loved uncharted 1 and 2, i have yet to find the need to finish 3 let alone getting any further games. They are all the same with a never ending story. The franchise is just being milked.

  5. Coronel says:

    I call BULLSHIT! Everybody knows that the problem with 3D models is in the eyes. Let him open his eyes and you will get to your uncaney valley.

  6. Dave says:

    Wow, that looks amazing, this will a must have game on the PS4.

  7. Big Bobby says:

    The thing is, we’re too busy playing games to notice close up detail, so why bother, more so with character faces? Devs these days slack on the game play. They have to throw out fancy games to push sales. Perfect example is The Order.

    • jimmybeantree says:

      Devs these days? You say it like the same people make the graphics and gameplay, they’d be completely different teams. Don’t pretend you know anything about the industry and just throw words out there to sound smart.

  8. Daddyboo says:

    We’ve been rendering identical faces like these, even more detailed, on PC for the past 10 years. Nothing ground breaking here.

    On the other hand, THIS is IMPRESSIVE :

    • heavenly_king says:

      not really, those pics you posted look nice, but are way less impressive than those pics in the article.

      Drake looks more real. The woman looks taken from a CGI, but that does not mean it looks real. And the old man, just because he has more “detail” it does not make it is more real either.

    • del0 says:

      The denial is so strong with this one…

  9. heavenly_king says:

    So, this color corrected images are from ND or from so random internet dude?

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